Jul. 27th, 2009


Jul. 27th, 2009 07:54 pm
jateshi: (Psi Corps)
Why do Mondays exist? To remind us that the rest of the week HAS to be better than this, right?

One, randomly, before I forget: I bet they thought of this one as a failed way of making people think about planting more green stuff: "Have you planted your seeds today?" (because the Ford in front of me had a "have you planted your tree today" sticker and I thought of that...

It's horridly bad of me but I've begun plotting out a campaign idea. Since I can't pick what SYSTEM I'd want to run it in this leads to two (or possibly 3 if I understand Shadowrun better) plots forming, all of them different. Realizing what levels of checks would need to be made in order to get certain knowledge makes me think of the modules we're playing right now and wonder how they determined all of that up. I'll get there eventually, once I start ironing out the worlds and settings, but right now it's degenerating into 2 different plots. And like I said if I learn Shadowrun better possibly 3. The CONCEPT of Shadowrun is what is intriguing so I'm almost thinking of picking a 5th mod book for cyberpunk and seeing how a d6 system does it. Or maybe a straight up d20 cyberpunk book for ideas... ACK BAD JATE BAD!

My art seems to have hit a brick. Not a slump, because that implies a desire to draw and an inability to do so, but a brick wall. At naught speeds. SLAM. WHAM. I had some odd dreams but I can't pick quite what is going on. (I forgot how freeing this is, just journaling, kind of a stream of consciousness but putting in spelling and grammar because while I know I can visualize in proper form I sure as hells don't think that way. Dear self, comma? Doesn't flow right. Great, now I'm doing that in my head. ACK!)

I think I'm going to grab a cider, pick up a book, and sit and unwind as much as possible. I'm on-call but I've already driven in to the office once tonight.

I need some new icons, a new theme, and a new feel for my LJ.

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