Aug. 6th, 2009

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A happy birthday to [ profile] honeybean! *squishes*

I am loving [ profile] wow_ladies as a community - so helpful, respectful! I love them. <3 Lots of great tips and just discussion of the oddest things and some good community. I wish I'd found them sooner, argh, but oh well! Now I can use it to, if I really want, help find a guild for Viranus to run with. And if I ever did feel unwelcome in Midian (moreso than I tend to feel sometimes when I log on Arlu) then I know there are ladies out there who've already said there could be a Horde home for her. DAMN that feeling is amazing. Debate, finding other people are as character odd as myself, the patch woes with someone to share them with- happy days! Very happy days. Aside from the agreement I tenatively have with the members of Slythindor there's not that much life on FM I miss - it's my solo home but I miss the energetic random isnanity of guild interactions. I think, if I wanted, I could find a place with some of these zany ladies (and occasional man) and be fine there.

In a moment of random, I was reminded of (and found!) one of my most favourite SIGGRAPH animations of ALL TIME. Sheep Notes by Jessica Scott. Sheep eating calculus notes. What could be more awesome? I'm always reminded of the notes and scribbles I drew all over my notes in class and frequently making mine interactive with the words - hiding behind them, jumping, repelling down the holes to the next level of notes. I have odd writing styles and love doing this with my notes - I have to resist the temptation to install the codec to play the video now. Arrrrrgh love this one. But work computer, work computer. HOME I can do it, fine, I already have the codec there. WORK though, no, no need. Wish it was transcoded but oh well.

Currently involved in dealing with a virus I've found on, oh boy, and Spoken with their staff. Waiting to hear back from our security team. Oh joy. :|,, and currently have virii on their systems. Be warned for browsing!

Adding in about the desktop project since there's a tag for it, I'm opening it up for screenshots from people of their active WoW characters. :>
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Nightbane!

Seriously, big flaming undead skull of awesome.

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