Aug. 11th, 2009

jateshi: (Logic Go Boom)
First off, happy birthday [ profile] gryphynkit! *snugs*

Vanyel is back up and running and oh my word, I missed XP so bad. I'd snug and slobber my OS if I didn't still feel like I have Vista cooties. D: I can run my Adobe CS2 again (as evidenced by the fact that I have CD'g art again. My tablet and I are once again in love with each other - it does pressure, I use it. Hard. Every day. Oh yeah babe, just like that. Okay, maybe not. >> But it's made of awesome.

I've decided, in celebration, that I am going to CG totally new artwork to be used for my journal! *cheers* Now to draw it. Ambitious? Hell yeah! BUT I WANT TO. Oh yeah. I am on a roll, I think, and like it that way. *jigs, does the boogey* I've got 4 pieces I need to scan and CG with another four or so still waiting to be drawn. I added the scanner (hrm... unnamed piece of equipment on my network! Argh, must name! QUICK help me think of something appropriate for a scanner!) to Vanyel and oh yuuuum, lovely.

Considering signing up for raids again on Arlu. Been doing the TotC 5 man (heroic and reg) on her and let me say the Confessor, when bugged, is impossible. The three jousters are annoying but not impossible when they bug. And the Confessor casting bubble on the hunter - arg... Can we say BUGGED? Had to redo the isntance. But [ profile] dracoshen's priest got some good gear from that, we all got some shards, and we wrapped up in time for people to toddle to raiding. I've been tempted to PUG raids which is how I know I want to get back to them. :| Resist, Jate, resist! Don't PUG a raid! Not again, oh no, not again.

The virii alert I posted about last week seems to not be an isolated incident - the ad still hasn't been identified last *I* heard and filtering in that more sites are giving the same downlaoded virus. Oh joys!

More concise brain dump later, just needed to be a basic one since the past few days have built...

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