Aug. 12th, 2009

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So apparently after brain-dumping massively last night my mind decided to continue to try and process stuff. I am reasonably certain I got at least 3 hours of sleep last night but no more than four and all of it interrupted. To say that I am bone-deep tired right now is an understatement. My dreams were odd things that I think addressed insecurities I know I still have but since my brain happily set them in the WoW!verse, they were odd pieces, to be certain.

*wrapping up last dailies* I'm thinking I might hop a portal to Shat, do that fishing daily in hopes that I get one of two remaining crocs that I am still missing from it, then log off and get to bed. I am having to pinch myself to stay awake now but dammit, I am not going to miss another day of raptor dailies. Call me an addict but you know what, I don't care. It's way too early to sleep right now - I'd wake up in a few hours anyways, no matter how tired I am - I need to pass enough time that at least 8PM rolls around and I can konk for the night. I was starting this post now because I realized that when I am too tired to be hungry I am -way- tired.

I keep seeing blank and doll base makers on DA doing something that pisses the fuck out of me - they make a blank of a pic without asking the artist's permission and tag a "If you don't want this to be done let me know!". RAEG. Where is the common sense to ASK FIRST? Not that I've got to worry about my shit being stolen like that - it's the thought that matters though. I HATE the thought people have started to get of "It's the artist's responsibility to police the entire fucking world" and not remember that actually, legally it's my ALREADY PROTECTED WORK OF ART AND ORIGINALITY! I am NOT responsible for YOU forgetting the law of international (and in my case US) copyright and feeling attacked when I send you a C&D for abusing my artwork. I shouldn't HAVE to be doing it in the first place, you shit head. D:

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