Aug. 13th, 2009

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[ profile] reddwarfer, happiest thingies on your b-day! :3

I have not felt the art bug in a few days and my rage at stuffs reminded me that I am in no way up to the task of even worrying about my stuff getting stolen. I don't do ground-breaking CGs, I don't do fan pieces that evoke memories for anyone but myself, and mostly I happily dick around in my corner of the sandboxes I play in. This is fine. But I remember when I was just starting out and I felt that rush of anger - and pride - that I'd been stolen from. I wonder what gods I'd have to sacrifice to in order to get that feeling of "My art is worthy" back? Maybe sacrificing children would do it...?

It's time for a change of shiny in terms of art projects so if you're a member of [ profile] wow_ladies keep an eye out for my call. :)

Trying to decide if I want to get a fair pass this year or not. *mrrrr's*

Missing people interactions but still feeling way too unsociable to go out for them in anything other than short bursts.

In case you can't tell from my varied sentence structure, I slept (so more intelligible than yesterday) but not well. I am going through bits of being my normal self to being as territorial and aggressive as a water-soaked tiger. I'd blame it on PMS but as my stress levels started going up ladies, well, you all know how that is. :| I should make a obgyn appointment but blaaaargh. There are some things I have come to accept - my body being wonky on reproductive things being one of them. So I'm PMSing without the actual PMS and I can't do something like chocolate to take the edge off. Maybe I just need to have some more sodium in my diet, that might do the trick too. Either way I'm alternately normal and snarly so... hrm.

While waiting for word on the Tower of Time artist positions (*squee*) I found this lovely piece of news from BBC about Word being banned for sale. In the US no less.It's also slam down sales of Office and perhaps even some OS works. Day old news that still makes me happy. Ah, awesome stuff!

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