Aug. 18th, 2009

jateshi: (Imperio/OOC // Artema)
So in random articles found on the BBC's news website, some scientists have studied Zombie outbreaks in a real scientific study. What is your Zombie Plan?

According to some [ profile] wow_ladies, a good title for the comic would be "Dreamwalkers" which has been growing on me. I've got a great idea for a cover image based on it... *plotty*

OMGOMGOMG I made Tower Artist! YAY!

My new foam mattress pad is LOVE. I think I got some of the best sleep in weeks on it. I just kinda slept. It's too small for the bed (got the Full but my mattress must be a big bigger than full so need the Queen if I want it to totally cover it up) but it's so comfy. Memory foam pad of looooove. ~happy~

Even though I slept deeply I didn't sleep long so I'm spastic.

I wonder if today will bring new hotfixes?! I need to play some of my other toons, am starting to not burn on Arlu but so much I *want* to do on her that I need to be careful and make sure I don't get close to burning again. But I think a lot of mitigating circumstances will prevent me from burning out on her.

RANDOM! The comic is going to be called "Dreamwalkers: Waking Emerald"

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