Aug. 31st, 2009

jateshi: (The Last Herald Mage)
So going without soda is a lot harder than initially thought not in the slightest because it means I have had a migraine everyday since Thursday. The giving-up-soda is from Thursday when the sheer amount of sodium contained in the amount of soda I consume was more than a package of my beloved ramen. <3 And right now ramen is bad because it is that beloved sodium which increases the amount of time I suffer side-effects of an unexpected journey into jagged rock junction chocolate land. I've been watching a lot of ZP and it hsows in the way I automatically filled out the rest of that sentence. :| But I love me my ZP sooooo...

I love reading the random comment threads on [ profile] wow_ladies - they make me giggle insanely. :3 The idea of naming a worgen "Sparklewhut" is just... heeeee.

I'm honestly thinking of moving Arlu to an RP server - there's a completely awesome RP guild that is recruiting right now and Arlu would fit in there so wonderfully. But I really do like Midian and if I moved her I'd, well, it'd be like the end of an era. :< I do not know what to do - maybe I'll just level her clone up (oh yes, duplicate characters down to the hairstyle and everything) but if I do that then I need to, well, level her. And that'd be so much easier on a toon with access to the heirloom gear but GYAH that'd be on Lothar still (maybe) unless I was insane and trasnferred ALL OF LOTHAR. Which would be dumb. Not to mention the WAT level of that idea.

Drawing more, yeee - I hope to get something inked and COLORED soon. I need to get in the habit of finishing my artwork so that's my nearly-the-end-of-the-year resolution - to color more artwork. To take greater artistic pride in it. To do backgrounds. And most importantly? To do only what I want to do.

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