Sep. 14th, 2009

jateshi: (Logic Go Boom)
I realized, in my ambitious drive to do filters, that there are some problems with setting them up.

One, I'd have to go primarily F.O. Which has always been something I have been against. I mean I'll tag some stuff FO but the majority of my LJ? Eh, doesn't appeal to me. If I'm going to say something then in a small way it's me being certain I really want to say it. If I do filters unless I'm making a specific filter to plan someone's birthday (which since leaving fen I really don't do much anymore, funny that...) I tend to feel like it's nitpicking and cheating in a sense.

I do, rather, instead end up tagging with [brackets] in the subject what a post is related to or about. I think I prefer that method because it lets me be public, it lets people know what's in a post, and it is an oragnized way for me to find something later when flipping through my archives. I think I'd rather stick to that style than do filters because then the whole thing of filters is, well, constant maintenance. And then what if someone asks to be on a filter and *I* don't want them on it? Drama ensues. I get enough drama from forums and DA and WoW to want to avoid drama here. There are some folk who opted for filters who I would flat-out refuse to stick them on, let alone stick them on the private side of my LJ. Because I trust them as far as I can throw a ship, one of those 46 tonnes of steel and aluminium kinds not the little plastic boats (those I can heft quite a ways).


More real thoughts later, as it's been quite some time since I've done much on my journal. I've got some more writing I'm looking at (which for those who named specific filters to shy away from some things I might still do one for writing and the like I just don't know. :\ Thoughts? Comments? Monkeys?

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