Jan. 2nd, 2010

jateshi: (Darkwind Elspeth and Gwena)
Fare thee well 2009 )

Hello 2010. I'm a day late greeting you officially but I greeted you when you hailed in. I had Hoppin' John's with the folks yesterday and my brother as well. I spent yesterday looking at my art last year, putting together a Summary of 2009 meme and working on a tutorial. I'm working on lessons for students who I've taken on at DA (three of them) and the piece that I'm working on is something that's - well it's a challenge for me as well.

This year is going to be a year of challenges. I'll be renewing the lease on my apartment this year, celebrating a year at my job at the end of March - this is just a year that I look forward to. I want to be at my job for years to come, I love my apartment and as long as I can I want to be living here. I've finally gotten my apartment cleaned, I have a spare bed, I have a coffee pot... I'm set in life, really.

So in this year here are some random assortment of goals-
I will put backgrounds on at least half of what I draw.
I will color more than half of what I draw.
I will CG something at least twice a month and dolls don't count.
I will draw a car that looks like a car.
I will draw a bike that looks like a bike.
I will paint at least once a month.
I will get my druid to 80 and at least 4 other toons to 60. (prolly before February)
I will lose weight until I am actually happy with who I am and I match my mental image of myself to what I know I can be.
I will pattern and draft and create clothing for myself and I will continue to design.
I will go back and make the damn plushies that I owe folks.

Hello 2010, I resolve to make you MY bitch instead of the other way around.

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