Jun. 29th, 2010

jateshi: (Arluthia // 08.14.2009)
Quite honestly - really, I'm not dead. Work is finally (finally!) reaching a level where I can relax and start to pursue the things I love on the side, found myself doodling, even! Well, while working on something but still, a doodle is a doodle and it's more than the pages of eyes or noses I've churned out.

So life is about to settle somewhat again and it's late notice. Well, not for me, but for anyone who still remembers who the hell I am on here: I'm moving in July! Not far, not distant, and certainly not someplace without internet access but still, moving. I'll be sharing a flat with long-time friend Dee and we will aim to save money and not kill each other. We're going to be a few buildings down from where I am now, same complex, but no garage. Saves us a bunch in rent, though, and saving rent is a good thing!

I'm once again raiding in WoW and on my warlock, no less! My druid is inching towards 80 but my focus has, as my usual, been consumed with doing things on Arlu while I still can. Old reps, dungeons, going for my 100 mounts, completing quest lines , the same sort of stuff I tend to always do. It's why I can still love this game world, long after most of the friends I originally played with have quit. Speaking of WoW though, I recently was noodling through WoW.com's posts and saw they were looking for a warlock writer. In my sheer stupidity, I started to tap away at my keys before I read that the deadline had long-since passed but it sparked an idea: me, writing. Hence, you see, why I am here for a quick note before turning myself over to a proper night of sleep.

WoW.com does have a "guest post" application open for a topic and I've already written up draft number one of my submission. I'm currently 550 words over their required length, though, so I'm going to take a look at it later and give it an edit before biting my nails, saying my prayers, and sending it in, NDA and some more thorough reads of agreement terms of course. I've been itching to write a warlock blog, though, since I already plotted out ten articles (remember what I said about tapping before I read the deadline? Yeah, I did my article plotting and THEN read the deadline) so I'm debating posting them here, putting together a proper blog on my domain, or posting them up on my DA.

So here I am, not dead and quite obviously enthralled with my beloved gaming addiction once again.

import memory
print "Hello, world!"

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