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One, this is the best news story ever. "Great tits acquire taste for bats." The twelve year old inside of me is laughing non-stop.

Two, this post will be for the ladies so men, I'd rec you skip it to avoid TMI.

What the fuck is wrong with my body? I mean seriously - I know I tend to have unusual periods but dammit, four moths with nothing is worrying especially with my history of period problems. I can go regular for maybe a year then I got seven, eight, nine months with nothing. And no, sorry for folks thinking of quipping with a "get tested to make sure you're not pregnant" - unless I have the immaculate conception or have a worse memory and a magic time turner, it ain't that. :/

So ladies - my various google pluggings make me think that it might be time for a dreaded appointment with someone on getting my woman bits looked at in terms of what the hells is going wrong with either hormones, cycles, or whatnot. Advice? Should I just ride it out like I have been? Family history is leaning towards cysts or the less pleasant cancer but I was turned down for a full body scan (which would've included the ovaries) because I was "too young" to have any kind of issues in the baby factory.

... wtb removal of womanly bits. I'm not cut out for kids, I never want kids, and with my family genetics I'd wind up with someone getting even MORE fun problems then I or the rest of my family have.

Other funny things: "Attack of the Help Desk Commandos - they want answers, they want to help you"
We have 4 war rooms. The thought of taking one of them over and launching tactical strikes against offenders who submit help desk tickets with incomplete information is highly tempting.

Filters are getting put together - trying to decide how to handle the people who haven't seen it yet. For those not in the know, please tell me what filters of my journal you'd like to be on.
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