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Time to begin making new icons! I've got art I really want to turn into icons so, once I get some Fantober drawn, I'll prolly start working on my two long-awaited (if only to me) LJ projects, custom icons and a custom mood theme made from my artwork. (Since I just use a word I made up Fantober is a project I'm doing which I talk about incessantly on IM and since it's been a while since I've posted anything here, far less often outside of IM) One good nearly three week break from WoW later I am all sorts of energized and revitalized on my many projects and look forward to November with a happiness rarely rivaled by anything. Well it's more of a sedate happiness really but it's a happiness none-the-less.

Now that the month or so is over I can explain what exactly has been going on and why I've been not present much on the face of the earth - Mum's been out of town so I've been helping Dad with his diabetes and health and stuff. So I've been pretty busy every day for a month and now that Mum's back I've got more free time again. Yay! I celebrated by getting my Tauren DK to 60, his professions up to 300+, and his rep to Friendly with the Argent Dawn. He's my third toon to begin the Argent grind and my second climbing-to-endgame inscriptionist. Oi. I am insane.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the recent pic I did for the WoW_ladies Travel Journal so I thought I'd show off the scan of it I posted at DA which I color corrected to be a bit better than the one that ended up being posted to 1001 Journals.

Let Sleeping Warlocks... by =Jateshi on deviantART
Arluthia, Songsmith (my Tauren druid on Moon Guard), and my dwarf who I will NEVER DIVULGE HER SERVER LOCATION!

The discussion spawned an idea of doing a Tauren pin-up and I have to say the idea is appealing and amusing at the same time. Maybe if Blizz would release the damn female Worgen models I'd do a lineup of my future Worgen... *glares at Blizz in her ineffectual way* If I can wrangle a classic pin-up pose with Tauren body then hahahaha, it's totally not my fault.

Writing more, in addition to arting and WoWing. *joys* \o/ I've written two short ficlets so far this month and working on a third centered about The Prisoner. The classic, Prisoner, mind you. And with two snippets I've actually got a foundation for an original sci-fi project once I re-dig-out the design prelims I had and decide what route I want to take this thing. Webcomic? Ficlet? Full on writing project? NaNoWriMo?
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