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So a bit of a recap of the past weeks or so-

I removed Arlu from the guild she was in on Moon Guard. I'm more than certain it had, by this point, totally died because the former organizing GL had left. Long live the banner of Sunfire Skyguard. I spent about thirty minutes un-guilded before a raiding guild, a nice casual three day one which is getting ready for Icecrown, approached me. After a brief chat and making sure they were good with my on-call rotation, Arlu had a new home. And the guys in the guild, and it's mostly guys, are just as sarcastic and foul-mouthed as I like my guys in dungeon-running to be. I feel vaguely at-home and it helped that when I joined her up there were a few classes and a buttload of everyone signing on to their warlocks. Alts or not, we plotted world domination until someone pointed out we'd have to respec. There was a collective "Eh, fuck that" and then we were using warlocks to try and dungeon pug. Randomly fun times had by all. She's got two pieces of Guldan's set since I only just now started running dungeons and hot damn but I love that dungeon finder. In 40 more runs I could get my first piece of Citadel-level gear. Except I have Quel'Delar sooooooo~ yeah, omgquel'delar.

I had to drop out of the PR-DA which makes me sad, Project runway DA being run by a friend, but my glasses still hadn't come in and staring at Photoshop and the mannequin were triggering migraines. On the subject of glasses they came in, finally, last week. The lack of migraines, eye strain headaches, and everything else makes me realize how sodding used to them I'd gotten in the last two months.

My brother is coming home (maybe) for the hols and I'm happy and looking forward to it. And I stuck my tree up but I need ornament hooks to finish it. I put some lights up around the flaoting cabinet in my kitchen too and thinking of stringing some lights off my balcony. Cleaning will need to commence, too, to make sure that if my brother stays at my place for a while it's not a pigsty.

I am, like usual, massively behind on LJ. So behind in fact that it's time for another "crud" moment and to declare that if there's anything that happened on LJ that I need to know about (or that you want me to know about) please toss me a link so I can catch up. I have a few select folks I am going to try and read up on but no promises. e_e

In terms of writing I've been hashing out my failed NaNo idea since it still makes me giggle - that means I still like it. I'm working out my world mechanics and my character mechanics and my kingdom mechanics but I suspect I will hash it out and toss it on the back burner as I'm 3-4k into the current chapter of SunHeart and I'll be damned if I don't finish this story before I'm old, grey, and wrinkled.
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