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Full plate, huh? In the spirit of insanity I'm also moving while still trying to recover from bronchitis - go me!

So this weekend I move apartments. With luck Dee and I will not discover that, contrary to thirteen years of knowing each other, we hate each other's guts. I'm instead hoping that I can successfully trade computer skills and general hob-nobbery like that for dishes and vacuuming which seem to be my personal demons. In the very least we're somehow unmixy things but that more has something to do with trying to get a handle on the apartment after bronchitis and I quite thoroughly fail at that. Either way I'm massively behind in packing my crap up (I have to be out of current place Sunday) due to the past two weeks of "Hey, my immune system sucks when it comes to respiratory infections!" I blame Bob. -.-

I'm maintaining a World of Warcraft Blog, as well - called Coffee & Demons, centering on a warlock's take on stuff. My happy general writing tone (sarcasm and poorly-veiled barbs included) also make frequent appearances and my lessons I've learned while levelling up my raid-healer twig are also apparent. I've currently set a thrice-a-week update schedule but might scale back later on - it depends on if I get into the WoW beta? Or how much time I have? Or all sorts of things - in the very least the constant writing is reminding me that I love to write so it's quite fun to work on. :)

Tossing the rest of my WoW rambles under a cut since I know most folks don't give two coppers for 'em!

SO I have a twig! And I love it! I really, really, REALLY love my twig. I adore her. She's 77, I'm doing pretty well on healing on her (party deaths only happen when the tank or a DPS does something really REALLY bad) and it's challenging in insane ways to keep people alive. I love it. I love my twig so much and mourn the loss of lolform in Cataclysm. ;_; LOLFORM COME BACK OH MY BELOVED TREE! I don't care that I never really get to take a look at my own armor - half the time my armor looks like a deformed combination of odd animal parts (the head of a deranged deer, for example) and leaflets that not showing my armor is a blessing. If I don't have to look at it, the party doesn't have to look at it - I can just be zen and be a TREE. This works well for me. I will mourn the passing of lolform like every other resto druid who is bidding farewell to it. ;_;

On Arlu news, well, ICC is fun. Tricky as hell and some fights make me think of the old raids in fond memories, but fun as well - and I've got a raid spot! I just was promoted to Core Raid Member in my guild and oh man, this makes me so happy! Now if only I could get my fucking rotation down, get my gems redone, make sure I can swim through flasks like I breathed them in, and we'd be good. I'm half tempted to see what raiding in my demonology spec would do for the raid and my DPS since the pittance of health the imp gives really doesn't do jack when we have a warrior in the raid. I'm also ten achievements away from a red drake (at last!) and only about fifteen away from getting my dragonhawk! If my focus hadn't so completely shifted to my twig while I work her to 80 I'd prolly be a lot closer. But with rumors that Baron Rivendare is gone from Cataclysm's Strat, well, I'm going to have to grind that fucking pony out.

WANT. PONY. The time I will slowly start to sink into getting a pony will be... sad. But well, PONY. Come on, PONY!

I want.

As for the icon? It's my way of dealing with the "ARGH" of work. Putting in a duplicate request when you state, IN YOUR SECOND TICKET, that someone is already working on it gets it closed for being stupid. -.-

Date: 2010-07-16 11:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fyreuni.livejournal.com
You might enjoy todays Daily Quests comic I did about treeform: http://www.daily-quests.com

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