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*reads old bio* Wow that's old... I'm nearly 25 now, graduated from college with a Bachelors from GMU. I have a job (gainful employment!) and a growing social life.

As I get in touch with my geeky roots, I am happy to declare, for the whole world, that I am a geek. I like playing World of Warcraft, Diablo, Heroes (tabletop!), Dungeons and Dragons (also tabletop), and a slew of other stuff. I currently have at least one 80 on each faction side in WoW and... *groans* four maxed professions. I am nuts, did I mention?

By the way...artist credit and instructions for using the Harry/Draco mood theme I sometimes have enabled can be found here. I might switch to a Labyrinth mood-theme in a tad too, and if you like the FMA one I have going now, drop me a line and I'll package it for other people to use.

Slytherin means never having to say you're sorry

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~none at this time~

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Friend me, get friended back. I'm very open about friending with my LJ - mainly because I don't put things under lock and key very much. I do have various filters for when I do post things under f-lock but the filters pertain to set groups of people based on locales, most of the time.

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