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It feels like it's been forever and a day since I've had enough time to sit at a computer and NOT work on something. What I mean by that, since it's not like I don't have a trillion and one things I need to get done, is that I am sitting, at last, in front of a computer and I'm not either at work, teaching something, or doing my homework. I'd never quite expected it to be so...'hectic' is a good word, ne? I'm not even at home at the moment - I'm still in class, still actually doing something related to school or work, and then only day I have off is tomorrow which kinda doesn't-work since I've got to run all over to a few art stores and buy more supplies for class.

At least by carpooling I'm saving enough money to buy art supplies. One saved tank of gas = almost all of the charcoal I need or a really nice pad of bristol. Which, let me just say: really sad. Really, really sad.

The world keeps going, turning, and the latest turn it's taken concerns people on my flist and the abuse of their trust. If there was ever one thing I could wish which worked in the real world, it'd be the Tell-Me-True first-stage spell Heralds have: it lets them know when people are lying and shows everyone watching if they are. That'd be quite handy. Now...the kicker. How well do you know me? If you put together all that I've told you about myself you really don't know me very well. You know where I work, you probably know where I live, and you know I like Harry Potter and Japanese anime, and you know I write and draw. I've mentioned more than a few times how old I am, and sometimes when my birthday is but we all know that amount of information is not referenced a lot and rarely elaborated on.

With this in mind, I bet at least someone has a question they've wanted an answer to and never asked. Free-for-all is declared: ask me anything at all and I will answer it. The catch, since there's always a catch is simple: I may not do anything more than say "Not here, I'll email you" and the more jaded people will know (without me saying it even) that whether or not you choose to believe what I say as true is up to you. I swear that I will not lie, but you'd have to take me at my word.

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