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You put things off as long as possible, wondering if they'd turn out to be...well, a really long bad dream, maybe? So I didn't really make a mention of this, and to be frank I've also been not making much of a mention of personal things on LJ for the past two or so weeks.

I'm going to be AFK and out of town this weekend. I shall be gone from about three hours hence until Sunday, for the event of Cat's funeral and the subsequent need to be around the people who are just as...displaced.

I can be reached by my cell, since web is going to be intermittent at best, and for the sake of not being a prat - text me if you need me, or call me. My number's 703-850-1321 and I have Verizon, so for those folks who also have it, yes - all that good stuff and the like. I might have intermittent internet access, but nothing more concrete can be guaranteed besides email, which is Jateshi@gmail.com and I don't really give a damn about spybots.

There are a few people I have promised to text this weekend - you do know who you are - and yes, I will. :3 So I'll be back on Sunday (quite possibly in time for QP, which I might desperately need since these next few days will be not-the-best ones) and will have gotten my shoddy act together by then.

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