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I'm the sleepy sick you get when you've been up far too long recently and your body is demanding sleep. Which I will give it soon (probably upon pain of death, since one simply cannot be falling asleep at the wheel on one's birthday...) but I had to say things.

Somewhere in the world, located a few hundred miles off the coast of where I live, I expect, it's my birthday. I've been rather astounded that it *is* my birthday approaching, as I can honestly say "Huh, when did that happen again?" at the time passage. That [livejournal.com profile] jerro1's birthday passed and [livejournal.com profile] tirani's is forthcoming make perfect sense, but I forget I'm smack-dab between them. Which, for all intents and purposes, is a rather amusing mental image...back to subject.

Some people asked me "what do you want for your birthday" a few weeks back, and I was stymied. There's a physical love of getting stuff, which I will never say I'm above, but then there's the things I really, truly, truly want. I want to hug every last one of my friends; I want to sit on a cushion someplace and breathe deeply the scents of nature and freedom and peace and rest; I want to talk to my best friends and hug them in return for all of the times they've always been there for me. I want to stand in the parking deck of the post office and sing a random song at the top of my lungs and not care what odd looks I'm getting from people - and with luck, I'll make it on the road to campus early enough tomorrow to at least get that odd one done. (of course, that's not saying I am above the physical desires of wanting things - I'm just slowly reaching the point where I'm looking at meaning behind things over what, exactly, they are. I do love me some presents o0)

For all the birthdays I've forgotten to say anything about, I'm sorry. I can't promise I'll get any better, since I don't seem to be hanging around LJ as often as I used to or checking it every day. For the people I'm going to be seeing soon, I'm going to save snuggles and snogs and huggles for then, since they're much better in person than bits and bytes transmitted over the magical thing called the "internet" according to some people. To the people I can't hug in person, I hope your birthday was fantastic. I sincerely hope you got to do something that you deep-down wanted to do, and that you got something you needed for your soul.
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Ah, the glorious morning. I really should listen to [livejournal.com profile] thescarletwoman more often, when it concerns sleeping - I feel like a sleep-deprived corpse right now, because I didn't get to bed until really late. But LET THE WORLD KNOW, I HAVE ALL OF HOUSE ON MY COMPUTER!!!! And I started episode 2 and then there was needle-sighting and I skittered off to bed. *whines* I hate needles. I really don't like them. And I was also so tired last night that I can't remember much of anything that happened on the few bits of the House episode (Paternity) that I'd started to watch before the needle-sighting.

When I get home, I will scurry around to try and scan two of my card designs - I've got one generic "winter" one and one speciality (Snupin, if you're curious) inked to show people. At the rate I'm designing them, I might offer card sets next year, if people like the designs enough. :3 Also, I'm going to be closing my holiday card poll soon so if you want to get one, this is your last chance. (Of course, some people are automatically on my "getting cards" list whether or not they signed up for one, this is just for people who want to make SURE they get one fro me) And also - I've only had a *very* few people check back in and pip up about special requests for their card designs. If you have something you'd *really* like to see on your card, comment someplace and tell me, ne? :D Otherwise you'll get whatever I think you'd like best. *nods* So watch out, or you'll all end up with dancing cats in tutus because heeee, cats!

I'm going to be gone tonight - it is time to have a birthday party with friends, now. :D I'll be offline from this afternoon until whenever I wake up and drive back home tomorrow, so I should be on Sunday night, provided I'm not wishing I'd somehow gotten hit by a train due to extremely bad hangover. Except my friends are responsible people (<3) and we all know better than to do that. But I think we should try taking that really long purity test again, this time while *utterly* smashed. (shits and giggles here, folks, shits and giggles)

Ooooh yes! [livejournal.com profile] dramaphile made me lovely icons! Lovely icons! *snugs them* *snugs Karyn* *smuts for all!* And ack, I am a glutton for things - I've got four exchange partners for Tarie's artist/fic swap. XD Shoooot me! (not really, I like this kind of odd challenge)
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I am currently sitting at work (because I could not take the day off *stabs work*) and doing the jig-in-my-chair-while-not-spilling-my-coffee of I am 21. :D Thanks so much to all the people who've already given me squee-worthy birthday wishes, I really wasn't expecting much of any in the way of them and to see so many (!!) so early was just wonderful.

In case anyone wonders, my plans for the day include: being at work. Getting off (not like that!) of work and going home. Being taken out by my mum for my first legal drinks. Finishing off art homework before tomorrow. (Oh dear, won't that be fun if I'm quite tipsy while doing it? *snickers*)

Among other things, my boss took me to a salon and paid for me to get a really fantastic haircut for my birthday. I think I am going to be forced to have pictures taken. :D Well, wish me not-strangling-stupid-bints luck at work today!

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