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Migraines suck. I lost prolly a good five hours of today because I had to lie down (blanket over my eyes to make it just that dark) until I woke up with headache pain gone. Bleck. *shakes fist*

Applied for raiding again with Midian, now that I'm playing Arlu on a regular basis. The spec changes that the ladies from [livejournal.com profile] wow_ladies suggested have really helped but OMG threat generated from a cast as I was *making* the spell cast SQUISHY ARGH. ;_; Oh lordy, that made me feel like a nubcakes all over again today. Anyone else have something start to stick threat on you before you finished the cast?! JEESH. Bear had charged in, his threat was going, and then BAM I got dead. It didn't help that the DoT crit its cast tick. Oh ugh.

Been drawing lots more (heh, polling for WoW characters to draw on WoW-ladies resulted in about 16 "OMG!~" and at least two more artists have suddenly started doing art posts) and that's gotten me talking to some folk I'd normally never approach. Prolly going to end up posting art back here as I keep doodling and stuff - speaking of! On ANY game mind you, not just WoW, has anyone else come up with a character they'd never ROLL in the game but they still draw/write? I've got a druid boy who is fun to mess with in my head and drabble on but, well, I'd never roll him in WoW because zomg NElf druid MEN look... demented. ;_; So instead I'm drawing him. He's half inked, half sketched, if I get the sketch cleaned up enough and finish the inking I'll prolly post here with him.

Played around with my DA Gallery and its layout, put a lot of the artwork into folders (or storage even, in some really old cases), dragged two "preview" galleries out based on my current two obsessions, and been just tidying it up some. It's nice to see my art cycle through, I wish that DA would let page skins be possible though, oh PLEASE pretty please. I missed that idea! I really miss it - sureI can skin my journal but the page is so *light* as a general rule, I want my dark grey back DA!

My photoshop is in love with me again - took a screenshot of my dual-wielding warlock from last night, dropped it into PS, cropped some, played with filters, and churned out a nice icon. Of course right after I do that I do some runs, get enough badges for my Conqueror's Deathbringer Hood and now the icon is sorely out of date because now I look like a plague doctor! I also got Embrace of Madness which, paired with my tentacle shoulders, Looks pretty damn good.
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*dancing* I've managed to completely ignore responsibility all day long - it feels great! I'm doing it to honour my birthday and whee, having fun. :D *dances some more*

Let's see - oh yes! The reason I'm piping up again - I am working like a frantic little beast on my holiday cards. :D I hope to have at least rough scans up shortly of the "generic" Winter-related card, and then I will be putting up inks of the various designs I do before I send them out. I'm mentioning this all because I completely forgot to mention this in the "We want holiday cards" poll that - uh, well, you can all *suggest* something you'd like to see on your card, if you don't want a generic one. :D I might or might not do a custom one for everyone (depends on if I can wrangle up enough time to get my rear in gear to do customs for everyone) but in the very least, it's always worth a shot, ne?

So people who did the holiday card poll (and if you still want to slink in late with a "send me a card?" then go here and fill it out.) comment and tell me what you want, if I haven't already tracked you down and asked you. :D

The other thing I wanted to post about was - *points* look! New art! *squee* Kniiiiight. Yes, before you ask - I am utterly insane. Still. :D

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