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First off, happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] gryphynkit! *snugs*

Vanyel is back up and running and oh my word, I missed XP so bad. I'd snug and slobber my OS if I didn't still feel like I have Vista cooties. D: I can run my Adobe CS2 again (as evidenced by the fact that I have CD'g art again. My tablet and I are once again in love with each other - it does pressure, I use it. Hard. Every day. Oh yeah babe, just like that. Okay, maybe not. >> But it's made of awesome.

I've decided, in celebration, that I am going to CG totally new artwork to be used for my journal! *cheers* Now to draw it. Ambitious? Hell yeah! BUT I WANT TO. Oh yeah. I am on a roll, I think, and like it that way. *jigs, does the boogey* I've got 4 pieces I need to scan and CG with another four or so still waiting to be drawn. I added the scanner (hrm... unnamed piece of equipment on my network! Argh, must name! QUICK help me think of something appropriate for a scanner!) to Vanyel and oh yuuuum, lovely.

Considering signing up for raids again on Arlu. Been doing the TotC 5 man (heroic and reg) on her and let me say the Confessor, when bugged, is impossible. The three jousters are annoying but not impossible when they bug. And the Confessor casting bubble on the hunter - arg... Can we say BUGGED? Had to redo the isntance. But [livejournal.com profile] dracoshen's priest got some good gear from that, we all got some shards, and we wrapped up in time for people to toddle to raiding. I've been tempted to PUG raids which is how I know I want to get back to them. :| Resist, Jate, resist! Don't PUG a raid! Not again, oh no, not again.

The virii alert I posted about last week seems to not be an isolated incident - the ad still hasn't been identified last *I* heard and filtering in that more sites are giving the same downlaoded virus. Oh joys!

More concise brain dump later, just needed to be a basic one since the past few days have built...
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A happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] honeybean! *squishes*

I am loving [livejournal.com profile] wow_ladies as a community - so helpful, respectful! I love them. <3 Lots of great tips and just discussion of the oddest things and some good community. I wish I'd found them sooner, argh, but oh well! Now I can use it to, if I really want, help find a guild for Viranus to run with. And if I ever did feel unwelcome in Midian (moreso than I tend to feel sometimes when I log on Arlu) then I know there are ladies out there who've already said there could be a Horde home for her. DAMN that feeling is amazing. Debate, finding other people are as character odd as myself, the patch woes with someone to share them with- happy days! Very happy days. Aside from the agreement I tenatively have with the members of Slythindor there's not that much life on FM I miss - it's my solo home but I miss the energetic random isnanity of guild interactions. I think, if I wanted, I could find a place with some of these zany ladies (and occasional man) and be fine there.

In a moment of random, I was reminded of (and found!) one of my most favourite SIGGRAPH animations of ALL TIME. Sheep Notes by Jessica Scott. Sheep eating calculus notes. What could be more awesome? I'm always reminded of the notes and scribbles I drew all over my notes in class and frequently making mine interactive with the words - hiding behind them, jumping, repelling down the holes to the next level of notes. I have odd writing styles and love doing this with my notes - I have to resist the temptation to install the codec to play the video now. Arrrrrgh love this one. But work computer, work computer. HOME I can do it, fine, I already have the codec there. WORK though, no, no need. Wish it was transcoded but oh well.

Currently involved in dealing with a virus I've found on, oh boy, 411.com and whitepages.com. Spoken with their staff. Waiting to hear back from our security team. Oh joy. :| 411.com, whitepages.com, and yellowpages.com currently have virii on their systems. Be warned for browsing!

Adding in about the desktop project since there's a tag for it, I'm opening it up for screenshots from people of their active WoW characters. :>
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Slapping the WoW stuff under a cut because, well, it's just polite?
I bitch about 3.2 and WoW: The Desktop Project is begun )

I'm looking at white-hatting some here at work so suggestions on some basic reading I can look for would be muchly appreciated. We've got a series of machines that *constantly* get infected and I want to know why. The tickets from this one office-! Enough to drive me mad. I want to get into the root of it, see what's going on. I think it might be bad office structure and rules and computer security but I'd like to know more to hand over ideas for how to nip this off before infection round 2 hits.

I am excited about tonight in a very geeky almost "n00bpagan" way. It's been so long since I've done just a reminder to myself, and the Lady, that this is my path. I also hope that this helps me sleep better because circles under eyes are not a positive fashion statement.
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My daily brain dump didn't happen last night (I know, what's this about daily when I skip random days over weekends, right?) so I'll prolly end up with multiples today to make up for it. Since, yanno, I am doing my brain dump for yesterday now. I drew a lot last night, which was grounding and relaxing and distracting - my head's not dealing with much, still, possibly because it is waiting for an opportunity to break down without risking, oh, my job. Which, need I remind you, I actually love.

It was longer than I thought... )

PATCHMAS! Argh I want to skip home and start the download. OMG. *squee*

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