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I said I'd have a sketch dump but then I never got around to more than a teasing little picture of Severus. Bad, bad Jate.

Sketches dumped under the LJ cut! Listing under the cut is:

- Remus Lupin, smoking
- fantasy dragon in armor design
- realistic face I dub Feyd-Rutha Harkonnen
- sexily nekkid Regulus Black

Art intensive image cut! )

I'm cleaning up the drawbles and stuff that I had gotten done (I have another to post but I'm having to redo the lines to make them readable over the sketch lines...) and then two drabbles and it looks like I got them all done. I've also got a lot of linearts that I found which I'd never scanned, so expect more finished-ish artwork up tonight.
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Title: + Vyra +
Character: Vyra
Rating: PG-13 for nipples, even though the size makes them hard to see
Type: Anime - Original
+ Vyra + )
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A note from the mostly-absent artist... With luck, there will be more artwork coming next week, and a lot of it more 'normal' for me to be doing - HP fanarts and the like. I will let everyone know that I'm going to be putting up potentially more pieces like my dragon below, since I am working on different mediums and techniques. I'm also reformatting how I display artwork so that the entries aren't so damned long anymore. *blinks at them*

Title: Ancient Fire
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] jateshi
Rating: G
Type: Fantasy - dragon
Warnings: Quite unlike anything else I've ever put online before.
Ancient Fire [original, G] )

Title: Temple Kid
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] jateshi
Character: Brigdt Agnira
Rating: G
Type: Anime - World of Warcraft
Warnings: Lineart, image contains a cute kid.
Temple Kid [Brigdt, lineart, G] )

Title: No Bones About it, She's Dead
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] jateshi
Character: Kreshka
Rating: G
Type: Anime - World of Warcraft.
Warnings: This character is no longer among the living - and that's how she began.
No Bones About it, She's Dead [lineart, G] )

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