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New art! )

Rather proud and happy with this, for once. Maybe it helps that I'm still sick?
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It's amusing how sporadic the fandom responds to things, isn't it? ;) For people watching me for my artwork, remember that (with the exception of most of my anime art, unless I really like it) art gets posted to my art journal, [livejournal.com profile] jate_art, before it gets a mention here. Things tend to also go up on my DA gallery and also at my Animexx gallery when they get approved.
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Day one of classes went well - I absolutely love Professor Smith. She's the only British professor we've got in NCC (actually hailing from Edinburgh if I overheard her conversation with Jian right) and is a blast to have as a teacher.

Today, on the other hand, I face Cambridge. *groans* I detest the man. With a passion. I wish he'd never been chosen as the new NCC professor, I wish he'd never replaced Monticeno, and above all? I wish he wasn't so sodding prickish. At least I've got only two shifts of work tomorrow, nothing else to do tonight, and then Thursday I'm free. Friday I've got class though and sometime I need to get my parking permit because SOD it expires tomorrow and I need a new one. *shudders* Then class on Saturday and oh man, kill me?

I want coffee. Now. And something to settle my stomach since it's still roiling from my dog waking me up earlier in the day.

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What's this? Is this perhaps...coloured art?

Maybe so as it looks like I *gasp* FINISHED THAT RON HEAD!

Yay for decapitated Gryffindors! :D Ron's finally in proper attire, minus a body! YAY!

...I think my blood's still boiling from the anti-Slytherin atmosphere of Otakon. *hisses* Bad anime conventions, you make Slytherins more set in their ways! Remember, GRYFFINDORS DIE FIRST! Especially when someone like me makes sure of it...

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I was going to have something intelligent, witty, and possibly amusing on here but...that requires brain-cells. I'm lacking those right now, even if I seem to be speaking English at an astounding level of comprehension or communicative skills. (If that's a real sentence, I'm amazed as I think it's not...)

Instead I will use this as a handy way to once again swear that I, Jate, will get to sleep before 7AM in the morning. And I will also strive for at least four hours of sleep every night (I know I'm supposed to be getting seven, Lia, but let's take a small step first and then go larger, ne?) no matter what plot bunnies, art bunnies, smut bunnies, or other such inspiring things bite me. I will get some form of regular sleep that will prevent my eyes from crossing as I'm driving down the interstate since it's never a good thing to have go think "Now, which lane is the real one....?" while going 60+ MPH.

I was notified last night by a lovely LJ person (who...er...uh...had something related to the lovely Malfoys in their username... >> ) that my artwork wasn't loading. After a snarky little email to tech support when the problem didn't clear up in a few hours, I have decided that [livejournal.com profile] jate_art will have a fundamental thing added to every post - I'll be doubling a location URL to my Photobucket account in the case that my server is down again. As it stands, I edited nearly every post there to include a spare link to Photobucket locations so if the image doesn't load on the posts, you've got that as a backup. :3

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It's Monday! Monday means many things (Java programming class, an alarm going off really fecking early, Mum being home when I still mentally expect her to be at work, buying cheap gas before I drive home from class) but most importantly, now, it means that Fandom Returns! The general hiatus for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is about over and most newsletters and communities are returning to semi-normal status. Most of the Metas have posted conspiracy theories (so many, in fact, that it's driven me nearly nuts) and every 'ship community I'm a member of has exploded with Ship Wars, icons all about their ships, and bemoaning Rowling for this or that.

Before I get on with my semi-coherent ramblings, let me state my position clearly. Stuff related to HBP is under this cut but it's short and relatively pointless and mostly rantings about how I don't care for ship wars )

I will not be posting my theories about HBP and what it means for the end of Harry Potter. Most of my ideas have already been talked about by other people and you know how I hate repeating myself sometimes. If you want to know what I think, ping me via IM, Y!M, email, or a comment here and I'll be more than happy to share with you off-journal, just to keep my place spoiler-free. ^^

On Saturday night (after I finished HBP) I went out with Meredith (old school friend and my Student Supervisor for the Star*T lab and not [livejournal.com profile] meredyth_13 although that'd be incredibly fun but rather hard to explain...) and Varun to dinner (mmmhmmmm, Don Pablos) and then we met up with Lenny, Abby, and Dan and went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. !!!!! Such a good movie, so-! So-! WARPED! We all liked it so much that we've already planned to go out tonight and see it again. So many hilarious lines, such good graphics and skins and meshes for the CG effects, and DEPP! DEPP! OOOOHHHHHH!!!!! It was so good, so very, very good! *melts in a puddle of happy Jate* I can't wait to see it again but this time I think I'll bring my inhaler because I laughed so hard I risked triggering an asthma attack. GOOD MOVIE. Whoever says Depp was horrible in it, or that the Gene Wilder one was better...bad! TRAINED SQUIRRELS! TRAINED SQUIRRELS!!!! And the puppets!

Work has progressed on the drabbles (they're ALL turning out to be ficlets, damn me) I'm doing for people as well as a non-member entry for [livejournal.com profile] hp_literotica I delayed working/posting because most of fandom avoided LJ all weekend long to devour the New Canon. All sorts of projects I'm working on right now, at the moment, actually... *blinks* But I think my head's understanding Java more since I'm thinking about the programs in more Object-Oriented ways. :3 YAY! Class is going to be over soon, too, and then it's full-steam ahead preparation for Otakon. o_o Where I will have a *GASP!* NC-17 binder! I'll have to check for IDs or something! *fake faint*

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Just becuase I'm incredibly proud of them all. :3

Wizards strike me as the kind of people who'd have special "battle" robes and since that makes sense to me, here's Harry sporting the "not as ornamented" design. :3 And because it looked really cool, a pair of flaming wings and his wand suspended by magic between his hands.

Of course, Draco looks even better in HIS battle robes because as a Malfoy, it's his duty to be the best dresser. Plus he's also cool enough to have a rapier and to glowy-float his pendant in the air - he's Draco!

Of course, not to be outdone, Padma is summoning a fire elemental to kick all of their arses because she looks even cooler than both boys do. Because she has boob protection as part of his battle robes while the men lack even protection for their family jewels. *g*

For some reason, Harry's wearing his pants on his head and only Ali, Shiv, and Linds can possibly know why. *sniggers*

And now...I'm scheduled to wakeup in thirty minutes! WHEE! I got absolutely NO sleep! *dances* I did ink six pictures though, so it's all worth it. Er....and I have a head-start in my running and hiding.

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