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And as usual, there will be a con report. It'll be a while in assembling, obviously, and I have a shiteload to do before school starts next week.

So yes, I'm back. I'm on the verge of really fecking sick (bad cough and a cold/sinus infection already in progress with more lovely after-con goodness likely on the way) and can honestly admit to not having had the best of times (yet again). There was good and there was bad as per the Otakon usual; someday I'd like to have a really good Otakon, just to see what it's like. Love to everyone and...what do I need to get caught up on? I was winding up on skip 60+ for QP evening alone, so I don't think I have enough hours in the year to catch myself up on LJ life.

To everyone who I met at con, allo! Friend away if you're plotting to ask, I never mind. :3
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Well, it's finally time to pack up, shut down the computer for the weekend, and be ready for Otakon.

I might get a bit of time tomorrow morning, but it depends on how fast I can pack. Otherwise...

:3 Wish me luck and I'll see you all on Sunday or Monday!
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I've taken a break from artwork for the day to run the errands I needed to run before I head off to Otakon - I picked up snacks, drinks, pop-tarts (those are going to be breakfast, you see), cheese its (there's my lunch), and envelopes (so I can mail off letters, since I like writing letters and my cutecutecute Japanese stationary came with envelopes which are TOO SODDING SMALL to fit the bloody paper in!) as well as some yaffa crates. So I have no new art to plug. :3 Enjoy the break!

I've also spent most of the day making prints of my stuff (you know, since I promised to bring prints this year) and assembling a Binder of Resource for when I do commissions, in-con art, and the like. I downloaded and printed off some Naruto ([livejournal.com profile] siriusjazz, you never sent me Naruto pictures! SEND ME WENCH!!!!!!!!) and Inu-yasha, a butt load of various Sailor Moon, and then I discovered that my vast, vast, vast anime image archives (we're talking a few GB people, and this is the age before DVD-Rs were around) have not yet been copied to my hard drive. Obviously, I had to fix that. Kinda immediately. So I've stopped my movie (Fierce Creatures, such a good movie) and am currently copying the multitude of CD-Rs to my external hard drive.

I have to remember to wake up early tomorrow (or more correctly, later on today) because I also have to run over to campus, copy over the download of Callisto I have on my external, and then burn it as a DVD-R for Marlys since they've decided to not put that server, which is the one we get all our teaching files from since unless you work for the STAR*T labs you have no idea what the hell Callisto is or why it's so important, back on-line.

Slightly related to servers being down and not on-line, Sheezy finally put some sort of thing up about why they've been down for 6 days straight now. With their unreliable server, the gallery's been shut down and no traffic, hence no adverts. So they're $700 in the hole for the month and begging for handouts.

I'm cackling.

Back to the salt mines for me! Ja'ne!
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A bit about my day that doesn't overly involve Otakon and instead includes a verbal fight I was privy to at Starbucks, information about some new jewlery I have, and some stuff about other stuff I can't prethink of )

It looks like my journal's turning into one giant, updated-every-day advertisement for my wares at Otakon. *snickers* So am I multi-location whoring myself out? Or merely using another less-used-by-me route for...er...new clientèle? *had to keep the whore theme going with continued language?*

Oh yeah! If you're a member of DA and you haven't already, go to my journal and the subsection of Polls and take part in the random one. Here's a quick link for those who might not want to dig or care for it. And no, I won't tell anyone why I'm doing such an odd, random, crazy poll. Not a soul. *pause* ...Jemz? Give me bunnies? *pulls out all the stoppers and makes absolutely adorably cute eyes*

If there's one thing I've been learning, it's that I need to get up earlier. x.x Not kidding - I'm only managing about two pieces of art coloured a day and only two inked, which is *not* enough. I need to get up to four images a day before the con, and try and keep that pace. As well as get my business cards printed off and *collapses* I can renege on my promise to sleep for a few days, ne? Ne?

Links to new art under the cut )
*toddles off to rectify the hunger*

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Today was mainly spent with sleeping-in ([livejournal.com profile] swtjemz, you owe me a smut bunny *grins*) and then being dragged off to have lunch with my god-cousin? I think she's my god-cousin. I'm not exactly sure...the daughter of my dad's sister? She just graduated from Georgetown University and before she flew off to Emory, she needed a lift to the airport, had made UPS mail her graduation ring to our home address, and wanted to get it before she left. We picked her up, took her out to lunch, and then dropped her off at the airport.

I spent the considerable time we had in the car reading, since it's not like I could very well draw when I was in there. Happily I finished Arrow's Flight, because damn I'm rediscovering my love of Mercedes Lackey with a passion, and I started on Arrow's Fall once I finished that up. Next on my list is Winds of Fate and the Winds Trilogy of course. I've got the Storm Cycle next too, and finishing the Last Herald Mage cycle is a top priority. Of course, reading's only done when I'm not drawing - when I've stressed my arm too much from computer time and drawing time, which happens for a few hours every day at least. >> I should not draw and not be on the computer for a day but that's not going to happen! NEVER!

Unless I really, really, really get sick after Otakon. *shudders* I fear the dreaded Con Sickness.

::New Art::
° Borne of Fire - Pyrite, one of my oldest creations, and also a colour job on a lineart I'd posted here earlier, during the Spring semester. She's being well-received on DA so I'm going to make a few prints and bring them with me to Otakon - gasp, original character art! *shock*
° The Black Lady - Chibiusa's evil villain form, and rather smartly executed, if I have to say so. *grins* I tend to love the evil people, as everyone knows, and I'm really proud of how this came out, too.

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::Otakon 2005::

If you're going to be at Otakon, or you're just curious what I'll be bringing with me for sale there, here's a link to my Annual DA Otakon Sale listing for Otakon 2005. I'll be updating that page with links to DA images which I'll be selling and will probably include a list of locations off-site for the other things I'll be bringing, such as my higher-rating binder. *g*

::New Art::
° Flying Goddess of the Moon - A colour (with light background stuffies too) of a Super Sailor Moon I'd drawn a month or more ago. Prints are for sale, so's the original - you know the drill. :D

I've also gone and been slowly reupdating my Animexx gallery because it somehow got deleted. I love the new rules on Animexx - they allow "higher rating" artwork there so long as it's not shota or lolita and that's *fine* by me - I can put my yaoi up there and not have a problem. :D YAY administrators for making the gallery awesome! It used to take a validated account, which somehow could only be given to people who spoke German because otherwise you couldn't read the questions to upgrade your account for free, to upload and see "Mature" art but now? Now it's just a matter of "No shota or lolita, have at it!" Thankfully the last traces of my old, really bad art is now GONE! :D Yay! Mediaminer gone, the old Animexx gallery deleted, Obsidian Wings was gone a long time ago and now I have the last traces all GONE! :D YAY! *really happy about this, obviously*

I love that I got invitations from my boss (Marlys) to come in on Monday or Tuesday and work clocked-in for hours before con - love love love! And paycheck will arrive on Friday, right in time for Otakon so YAY! *happy dance*

Edit: Oh gods, I think I need to learn German. *sobs* Babel fish can only do so much before I'm considering grabbing my brother's old German dictionary to try and navigate my way through the German portal of the fanfic side of Animexx. I finally worked my way through getting up one chapter and will probably memorize it but oh MERLIN, it's confusing!

Also, anyone got "I Don't Like Mondays" by The Boomtown Rats? I want it now... ;~;

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I haven't decided if I'm going to be showing them off at my art journal, since that is almost solely Harry Potter (not intended!) but I've got a lot of art I'm working on for Otakon and what's the point of a journal if not to talk all about me and memememememe? :P

° Xellos, Trickster (but chibi) Priest - Oh, I'm an old Slayers fan. Slayers was one of the first animes I discovered after Sailor Moon, and I've been in love with it ever since.
° Chibi Super Sailor Jupiter - redesigned for how I'm making prints for Otakon. I like the squiggly things!
° PGSM: Sailor Princess Serenity - you've all seen me talk about PGSM on and off (oh merlin, I love the show!) and here's one of the beautiful things they added to the show to make it different from the anime and manga: Usagi's princess self in senshi form
° Talisman's Water Guardian - The only time I've ever drawn Sailor Neptune, believe it or not. ^^' I like how it came out, all in all
° Super Sailor Saturn - it seems like the only time I ever drawn Hotaru is either for conventions or for someone else, even if I do like her. Basic background added in Photoshop with pretty brushes and colour matching skills. :D

If you see anything you like, I sell prints and all of the originals (unless otherwise stated) are also for sale. *groans* I hate con season, I think - I'm going to be drawing all-out until Friday and then I'll be spending the whole weekend doing the exact same thing, loving every minute of it, and at the same time bemoaning it all. I'm going to kill my hand (again, probably WORSE than I did last year) and the worse part is that I have to teach nearly every day as soon as I get back. *sobs* I'm going to be sick, and tired, and dead and teaching.

Powers that be, help the students taking my classes. They'll barely be able to hear me, let alone have a competent teacher. :D

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First off, happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] gryphynkit and [livejournal.com profile] ginny_weasley! May you get...er...lots of...chocolate? And cake! Cake's good, so have cake! :D I'm all about the...er...meaningful things to be said on people's birthdays. *pause* ...yeah... '>>

See, I'm supposed to be sleeping. I was, earlier, but then I kinda woke up. I blame my dog (she's really cute, but she's snoring really loudly and since she sleeps right next to my pillow, it's hard to sleep through a dog-that's-snoring-loudly in this case) and her cuteness, as well as the Otakon Fever which must be searing my brain incredibly early. That and PGSM which has just *eaten* whatever sanity I had, spit it back out so that it likes shiny things and cheap henshin sequences coupled with bad acting and...er...other stuff.

I've got two Inu-Yasha chibis sketched, two Naruto chibis sketched, two senshi sketched as well as a PGSM chibi inked, some borderline-ecchi art I just need to decide who to make having a really short and being blown-up by the wind skirt (suggestions - FEMALE CHARACTERS I mean since she's got boobs dears! - welcome) as well as an Usagi-in-a-bikini-and-on-the-beach sketched and mostly I need to sit down, buckle down, and ink ink ink. Once I ink,it's so much easier to colour, you know?

Aside from the art side, I'm actually reviewing the terms Otakon listed for Writer's Alley. Sure, sure, I'm not *in* Writer's Alley but when has that actually stopped me? I might wind up taking some copies of fics to Otakon and in the very least, I'm plotting to spend not nearly as much time at-con drawing as I did last year (I would like to be able to bend my ring finger and my pinky finger *without* having to beg a three hour massage from the table next to me) and instead *gasp* smutting. I mean writing. *coughs* Yeaaaah. << >> << >> INNOCENT I AM! *flee*

Before I shimmy off for the night, since I'm starting to actually (finally!) get tired and know that if I don't head to bed soon I'll be smacked up one side and down the other by a lot of unnamed parties, the consensus heard from my not-mainly-here-for-Harry-Potter crowd is that glimpses of other fandoms are welcome here. :P I might actually take you all up at your word. A last note! My account on FF.net got deleted from inactivity. *meeps* So I'm actually really happy because most of that was really old crap and I've redone my account and am putting up only my most recent art. :D YAY! The last traces of my art pre-2003 is GONE from the net! YAY! *dances like a maniac!*

*flees for real now*

Quick Note

Jun. 16th, 2005 12:56 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] siriusjazz, we might not want to even think about AA. Apparently, Otakon is FORBIDDING the sale of fan-art and doujin this year.

I've emailed for WHY but if it's true, it makes the entire con a not-quite-so-wanted experience.

Edit: Or as one person pointed out, it *appears* to be a coding error. Either way, I emailed them regarding it for clarification.

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