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I am totally and utterly wiped. I am tired, want nothing more than to curl up in bed, but am waiting to bounce laundry to the dryer before I go crash.

I've started a Fantober project which is a way for me to draw the worlds I love that aren't Sailor Moon or World of Warcraft which, as I'm in an art kick, has gone to the wayside in typical "Oooooh PAPER LIES BEFORE ME!" fashion. I'll post some of them up here buuuut HAHAH I HAVE DA WAYS OF DOING THIS MWUAHAHA!

I'm working on like two hours of sleep, folks, give me credit for being coherent. I spent a good hour arguing why a full beer bottle was better for smacking than a full beer bottle so I'm not totally coherent but I'm happily in my happy home, with a blanket, and watching Bleach. OMG FADE TO BLACK CALL MY NAME ROCKED! WATCH IT! If you're into Bleach at least. It's awesome. Been dreaming fight scenes (when I sleep) now, is very cool.


Fantober- Harry Potter by =Jateshi on deviantART

*stares at sloppy code* woooooooow that's really badly written DA, but it's free! HEE! HARRY POTTER! I drew him. After HOW many years?!
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I wish my fucking body would make up its sodding mind and stick to either having or not having. Please. Honestly, I'm hormonal as fuck and haven't had an urge to actually eat chocolate this bad in YEARS.

Need cool ranch doritos STAT. Dammit, want them so badly that I want to walk out to get some.

Just too fucking damn tired for it.

want doritos.

And the 3rd Bleach movie.


If I were a cat I'd be curling up on someone's prized possession and shedding fur of the opposite color on it so hard three years later you'd still find hairs.
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Migraines suck. I lost prolly a good five hours of today because I had to lie down (blanket over my eyes to make it just that dark) until I woke up with headache pain gone. Bleck. *shakes fist*

Applied for raiding again with Midian, now that I'm playing Arlu on a regular basis. The spec changes that the ladies from [livejournal.com profile] wow_ladies suggested have really helped but OMG threat generated from a cast as I was *making* the spell cast SQUISHY ARGH. ;_; Oh lordy, that made me feel like a nubcakes all over again today. Anyone else have something start to stick threat on you before you finished the cast?! JEESH. Bear had charged in, his threat was going, and then BAM I got dead. It didn't help that the DoT crit its cast tick. Oh ugh.

Been drawing lots more (heh, polling for WoW characters to draw on WoW-ladies resulted in about 16 "OMG!~" and at least two more artists have suddenly started doing art posts) and that's gotten me talking to some folk I'd normally never approach. Prolly going to end up posting art back here as I keep doodling and stuff - speaking of! On ANY game mind you, not just WoW, has anyone else come up with a character they'd never ROLL in the game but they still draw/write? I've got a druid boy who is fun to mess with in my head and drabble on but, well, I'd never roll him in WoW because zomg NElf druid MEN look... demented. ;_; So instead I'm drawing him. He's half inked, half sketched, if I get the sketch cleaned up enough and finish the inking I'll prolly post here with him.

Played around with my DA Gallery and its layout, put a lot of the artwork into folders (or storage even, in some really old cases), dragged two "preview" galleries out based on my current two obsessions, and been just tidying it up some. It's nice to see my art cycle through, I wish that DA would let page skins be possible though, oh PLEASE pretty please. I missed that idea! I really miss it - sureI can skin my journal but the page is so *light* as a general rule, I want my dark grey back DA!

My photoshop is in love with me again - took a screenshot of my dual-wielding warlock from last night, dropped it into PS, cropped some, played with filters, and churned out a nice icon. Of course right after I do that I do some runs, get enough badges for my Conqueror's Deathbringer Hood and now the icon is sorely out of date because now I look like a plague doctor! I also got Embrace of Madness which, paired with my tentacle shoulders, Looks pretty damn good.
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Why mention the dish? Because, according to a researcher, haggis is not, in fact, Scottish.

And I am not kidding


I'll stick a more thought-provoking thing up in a bit but still... HAHAHAHA.

Oh yeah, still looking for drawbles and drabble ideas.

Drawbles: short little drawings 5-10 minutes in time. Drabbles: less than 500 words (usually)
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A question for all of you WoW players...

Which would look a male warrior/fighter (manly armored) Tauren seem more out of place: a frilly, flowerly, floraly headpiece or a kilt/skirt with lace, pinkish or pastel colors, and ruffled frills?

Just a simple comment with what seems more out of place, if you'd be so kind. :D (And if you're not a WoW player, what would make a manly, knightly, big hulking fighter-like dude seem more out-of-place?)

Yes, this is insanity. ^^ It has a purpose...
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I keep saying this about my dog but I mean it - I'm going to go into my parent's room one day and see just a head sticking up between their pillows.
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I'm really pleased with how this is going, especially since it took many consults to get better ideas of anatomy.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kouryu_shai and [livejournal.com profile] taoofwoot for the help with anatomy-of-dragons references. :3 (I used both the ones later and the ones earlier, so both of you get snugs, hugs, and cherry pepsi.)

Dragon art preview draft thingie under the cut! )

Now, back to writing!
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The Battle of the Printers has ended - I contacted a mercenary company and got our printer defeated. Er...well, to be more precise, I got so damned fed up with not being able to print from home, since the network printer would decide to remove me from the list of things-access-has-been-granted-to-print at any given moment, usually just before I managed to try to print something. The printer has proved to be a source of amusement - giving birth to such quotes as (from my dad) "What do you mean I can't rename the network - I MADE the network!" and more amusing things. But really - enough is *enough* today when I had to print something out and lo and behold, what happens?

"You do not have permission to access this network device - please contact your system administrator." When I get to the system computer, I refuses to see me as part of the network again. You know, self, we had this problem the last time Dad did something to the network - it fucked it up for all peripheral devices attached but kept the operations of the primary systems perfectly fine.

In other news, I picked up a few replacement coloured pencils for the ones I've been using a lot on my latest piece of colour pencil dragon artwork, as well as nabbing some fake gems to use for costume work and some shaded card stock to see if I can get some nifty effects on it.
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It's amusing how sporadic the fandom responds to things, isn't it? ;) For people watching me for my artwork, remember that (with the exception of most of my anime art, unless I really like it) art gets posted to my art journal, [livejournal.com profile] jate_art, before it gets a mention here. Things tend to also go up on my DA gallery and also at my Animexx gallery when they get approved.
Two new art links under the cut )
Day one of classes went well - I absolutely love Professor Smith. She's the only British professor we've got in NCC (actually hailing from Edinburgh if I overheard her conversation with Jian right) and is a blast to have as a teacher.

Today, on the other hand, I face Cambridge. *groans* I detest the man. With a passion. I wish he'd never been chosen as the new NCC professor, I wish he'd never replaced Monticeno, and above all? I wish he wasn't so sodding prickish. At least I've got only two shifts of work tomorrow, nothing else to do tonight, and then Thursday I'm free. Friday I've got class though and sometime I need to get my parking permit because SOD it expires tomorrow and I need a new one. *shudders* Then class on Saturday and oh man, kill me?

I want coffee. Now. And something to settle my stomach since it's still roiling from my dog waking me up earlier in the day.

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First thing's first! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] shukiai!!!!! *snuggles, sends Roy and Ed in bows and grins* :D Have a good day, luv.

Had my Java final today (earlier in the day) and have promptly lost all vestiges of sanity. Why, you ask? I can't explain, so instead I'll just give a short summary of the things I've come up with today.

A list of the insane ideas I've come up with since my final ended )

I got my new Copics in (yay!) so I think after falling asleep I might take a crack at them. They're so preeeeeeeetty...!

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Quick spammage before I have to run off to class.

:D I am permanent. *dances* I am also utterly broke, but I am permanent. :D YAY!

...ohbugger, class! *foosh*

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It struck me, tonight, that I know why everything has been the way it has. It's....truth. So what, you ask, is this mysterious thing that is the reason behind the way of everything?


(wait for it)

(keep waiting)

(....done waiting yet?)

The Way of the World! That means that there will be arseholes, there will be idiots, and they will be ALL around. There will be so many that they will populate the earth entirely, leaving a bare few spots for those people possessing intelligence, humour, and talents. They will flood the schools you go to, the jobs you work at, and the telephone calls you recieve, as well as the emails and everything else. Not a moment of peace will you find from the idiots, excepting the times you declare the world an insane asylum and require visitation permits before you let a friend past your doorjam.

If you think about it, the overabundance of idiots *does* explain everything...from politics to religion, label the leaders you don't like as "idiots" and suddenly whatever view you have, it's right! Or perhaps this is the sarcastic side of me that wishes it could afford more than five hours of sleep and a two hour nap...? Nah. *guilty look*

I'm patiently waiting for [livejournal.com profile] thescarletwoman to realise that I need her to come back from the library. She didn't give me a smut-prompt to draw last night and I'll be damned if she gets off tonight without giving me one! Or if you're a yaoi fan, leave me a pairing and situational suggestion, as I'm looking for things to broaden my "horizons" with, if you catch my meaning. I don't promise to draw it, since I'm far too heartless of a fiend to do requests, but if the idea catches my fancy...

I do draw het-ness too, if you want to suggest it. :3
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Lots and lots of fun, actually.

From Hot Topic, I finally indulged myself and got a proper Slytherin tie. *hugs and pets it* And a set of the Sirius Black Wanted Poster paper. *purrs* No stationary set (they were out) but I am so very happy with my tie.

From the Family Christian Bookstore (I got a gift certificate there from a church friend who thinks...yeah) I picked up a new wallet and some gorgeous glass, not-marked-with-crosses glass votive holders.

And then I got some Burger King and called it a day. Well, in reality I looked at a hat I wanted but Hot Topic didn't have the right size for me, went to the Chesapeake Knife and Tool and oogled the naginata in stock (the balance for the blade was... *puddle of happiness*). Swiss Army has a new set of pocket knives out, three of which have...

Wait for it...

USB storage. 512MB, 256MB, and 128MB storage capabilities along with a lovely little knife. I shit you not. I laughed.

Really hard.

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