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Updated 06.04.2006: Added 3 originals (completed images), 2 fanarts (1 Sailor Moon, 1 Other - both completed). Also, for people who have spoken for a piece but have not yet paid, please contact me by email.

If there's anything listed which you're interested in, a comment of the pieces will get 'em put on hold. I'll cross-off the ones that get sold (if any).

Fanarts: Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, anything else imaginable )

Original artworks )

Again - comment if there's something you'd like or drop me an email. Also, if there's something I've done that isn't listed, drop me a line if you'd be interested in that one. It's impossible to go through all my art easily and find everything, but unless it predates me posting to the internet, I prolly still have it handy. And I'll prolly update this as time goes on, too, because I'm bound to find more things lying around.

Thanks for looking! XD Doesn't matter if there's no interest, still - thanks for looking.
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::Otakon 2005::

If you're going to be at Otakon, or you're just curious what I'll be bringing with me for sale there, here's a link to my Annual DA Otakon Sale listing for Otakon 2005. I'll be updating that page with links to DA images which I'll be selling and will probably include a list of locations off-site for the other things I'll be bringing, such as my higher-rating binder. *g*

::New Art::
° Flying Goddess of the Moon - A colour (with light background stuffies too) of a Super Sailor Moon I'd drawn a month or more ago. Prints are for sale, so's the original - you know the drill. :D

I've also gone and been slowly reupdating my Animexx gallery because it somehow got deleted. I love the new rules on Animexx - they allow "higher rating" artwork there so long as it's not shota or lolita and that's *fine* by me - I can put my yaoi up there and not have a problem. :D YAY administrators for making the gallery awesome! It used to take a validated account, which somehow could only be given to people who spoke German because otherwise you couldn't read the questions to upgrade your account for free, to upload and see "Mature" art but now? Now it's just a matter of "No shota or lolita, have at it!" Thankfully the last traces of my old, really bad art is now GONE! :D Yay! Mediaminer gone, the old Animexx gallery deleted, Obsidian Wings was gone a long time ago and now I have the last traces all GONE! :D YAY! *really happy about this, obviously*

I love that I got invitations from my boss (Marlys) to come in on Monday or Tuesday and work clocked-in for hours before con - love love love! And paycheck will arrive on Friday, right in time for Otakon so YAY! *happy dance*

Edit: Oh gods, I think I need to learn German. *sobs* Babel fish can only do so much before I'm considering grabbing my brother's old German dictionary to try and navigate my way through the German portal of the fanfic side of Animexx. I finally worked my way through getting up one chapter and will probably memorize it but oh MERLIN, it's confusing!

Also, anyone got "I Don't Like Mondays" by The Boomtown Rats? I want it now... ;~;

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