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Working on my first request for the Tower - YAY! And I'm working on Dreamwalkers too. (for some odd reason my brain is crossing Dreamwalkers with Nightstalkers and isn't THAT a mental image for the fanboys?) Drinking my 4 shots of expresso, wondering why sleeping on such a comfy mattress still makes me have a lingering case of tired... I should organize my mind more.

I feel like I'm getting close to a bit of a burn on Arlu but I might be confusing hormones and comic plotting with disinterest in my avatar. I think it might be the fact that there's so much to grind on Arlu that's overwhelming me with ends so far off that it's hard to picture them. I want 50 emblems, I want 8 more days or raptor dailies, I want 17 more cooking awards, 5 more recipes, seven zillion JC dailies to get tokens to buy those new cuts - and then I want more than 1000 Seals of the Champion for all of *that* stuff. I want those 100 mounts eventually, I want a Mechanohog - I've got all these things I want but if I look at *everything* I want then I just flounder. Maybe what I really *need* is another 80 to take the burden off of Arlu being my only Horde endgame? Fellow WoWers, halp plz? Maybe I should take my hunter and get her up to Outlands to have that shiny all over again? She's level 44 so it's not *that* far to get her to 50. I can barely even remember what I did on Arlu getting her to Outlands now, it's all such a blur - maybe I need to do that?

Part of page one for Dreamwalkers is inked. Roughing out the rest of the page and then it's big decision time - am I going to ink solid black and white and then grayscale? Should I go full color once inside the Dream? What do you guys think of doing color v grayscale to show the differences of the location? I'm having a lot of fun doing black inking on Arlu's hair so that shows you where my priorities lie at the moment... *giggles* Once I get this first page inked I'm going to be doing the GASP cover page. Because I still have this awesome idea for it so dammit, I'm going for it! I'm going to need to make a "study" of the gateways to the Dream. Which means taking Arlu out and killing elite dragons. Must pick which dragonflight I want to slaughter... Hrm... (I should start the quest lines for the last cooking recipe too. :/ 155! I have 155! I just need FIVE MORE.) I'mm then need to make some banners, find a good comic post script with auto archive posting... so much to do... Anyone have suggestions?!

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