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...er, sorry for dropping off the face of the planet without warning, everyone. Not pissed at anyone or anything, but just needed to get away and alone for a tad bit.

News in short form!

1. Have a new computer - not an Apple, but a lovely little (figuratively speaking) Acer, since they cleaned their act up in terms of reliability. 15.4" screen, DVD burner (YAY!), and 120GB hard drive make for a happier Jate.
2. No art until further notice because I am upgrading my Photoshop stuff and the campus store had to order the damned stuff for me, so...no scanning or anything else until some time next week.
3. Mostly well, although I am dreadfully afraid that when my drugs from the doctor finally run out, I am going to relapse, since I am still mildly symptomatic (acute bronchitis is a bitch, for me) and vaguely off. Last dose of antibiotic tonight and it'll be out of my system in a few days after that, so if I get sick again... ~irked at lack of health~
4. We lost power last night. We had it back in about two hours, but still - the power! I wasn't missing it nearly as much as the rest of the family, since I had prepared to curl up with a flashlight lantern, a book, and some paper. I was foiled, I tell you - foiled!
5. Some would say I've gone nuts, since I am plotting to sew very shortly. If the costume comes out like I hope it will, there might be pictures of it on the tailor's dummy. I'll also be spending some of my time this winter doing some leather crafting - bracers, gauntlets, a few thigh holsters for vials, and possibly some pouches. If they go well, there will be pictures.

I promise to climb out of my antisocial hole soon. In the meantime, I can usually be gotten a hold of via cell phone, when I don't forget to have my cell with me. >< I didn't mean to miss calls, honest.
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I suppose this is the one day where I have been sitting on my bum at work with nothing to do and I've decided to CG something. I did a lineart of Mistress 9 from Sailor Moon and since I've got nothing else to do but sit at a computer, watch Firefly on DVD and recite my favourite lines along with the actors, and draw things - well, I decided to get my CG skills tested out and make sure they're all in order. Quite happy with the result this time, and it'd look much better than it's going now if I had a tablet handy to work with.

Tablet, along with my Photoshop with all its special brushes and filters, is at home. And I wish my braces for my wrists weren't, except I can't find any but one. ;~; Bleck. Oh well, I'll get this as spiff as I can here, shove a background in this even, and be off for la-la lands.

...wait, nix that last part. *snorts* Don't wanna go to la-la lands, at least not before I drive home. And I've got another three hours to go of work...luuucky me. >< I can't wait for my doctor's appointment tomorrow, they better shell out with something that beats my sinus infection back at last. And maybe if the weather would be cooperative and not pour out rain on me, or go from hot to cold to hot to cold with lots of wind, I'd be much obliged.

Oh yes, for those who care, more art of the HP sort is on its way. I just need to go back and refine the body poses more until they get perfectly good and then maybe even toss on backgrounds into just about everything because daaamn, I've gotten addicted to doing them. :3

Yes, I am just a tad bit off my rocker right now. Boderline feverish and hacking up at least one lung or feeling like it. And headaches must be killed.
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o0 For the first time, I wrote het. I sent the het (it's got my regular yaoi in there too) off to my lovely beta ([livejournal.com profile] dramaphile <3) and with luck, will have part 2 of Torn Asunder up sometime tonight.

*flops* My brain meeeelted. I've spent the past six hours at work writing SMUT.

Smutty Smut McSmutSmut, to be exact.

It deserves the arse!icon.
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I know, apparently, far too much random crap. Within two or so minutes of hearing a problem concerning files transferring from Mac to an external HD, I pin-pointed the problem. And then proceeded to be able to explain the limitations of the FAT32 formatted external drives concerning a file with a size of approximately 17GB. I know far, far, far too much random crap!

With no class tonight, I am going to sit happily in a cubicle until it's time for me to get home and work on things. Things like my [livejournal.com profile] merry_smutmass fic and the late OMG I am beyond a slacker Peter/Sirius/tie for [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon's I Didn't Get To Go To TWH Ficlet-a-thon as well as the reworking of Collars I'm happily doing. And then... *groans*

For everyone who put up with me last night in my nearly-murderous rantings about my group-mates, thank you. With luck and with food and caffiene I'll have an uncomplicated remainder of my week.

...I wish.
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...and by that I mean an entry of content, instead of things. Or...uh, an entry which ain't some fic of some sort and is instead something vocal and rambly. Yeah, that's what I meant. >> *shifty*

I've churned out something like five fics in about six days, which is nothing short of an absolute miracle. Or (depending on your view) a punishment from the Almighty to make the world suffer. :3 Either's a valid view, you know! And to top it off, I snagged one of my favourite Heralds of Valdemar pairings for another (much shorter - 10 prompts) fic challenge, the pair being Darkwind k'Sheyna and Elspeth k'Valdemar. Heralds. And Tayledras. I might work Hydona and Treyvan in as well, and eventually I'd love to work on some Skif/Nyara just because it'd really be something different from HP or anime fanfics.

I *do* actually have, like, art. Someplace. I'm going to be sitting at my scanner for a little while tonight (femme slash put on hold *g*) and getting my art up-to-date because I need to. And...uh... *shrugs* Not having any soda is affecting my ability to think! o_o I need soda! *goes zombie*
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Well, the last (hopefully last, mind) details have been worked out of my Fall 2005 Schedule (the one that includes work) and I went back and updated the post. Buzz renewed love for me by giving me more hours (yay, money!) so I'm up to 4 shifts for Buzz (though until a hole gets filled, it looks like I actually have 5 shifts for him) and 4 shifts for Marlys.

And then I have classes and...and... *sobs* I have no life. Except I kinda actually do! I'm heading out this afternoon to a party thing with Kristen and I should stumble home sometime Sunday. Look - social life thing! And I had even more of a pretend social life yesterday by going out to dinner (re: sushi) with Meredith in celebration of the first week of hell classes being over.

Schpiel about classes and professors )

I also added He Owns Me, He Claims Me, But Wants Another (Sirius/Regulus, NC-17 *coughs* though I have it on FF.net as "Mature") to my FanFiction.net account, in keeping with my tradition of putting up stories that are thiiiiiiiis close to not being "legal" there. The story is also on my Skyehawke account and with luck, I'll be done with my web-based portal for my stories soon and get my written works on my personal domain as well.

Edit: Try saying Tripuraneni's name three times fast!

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A bit about my day that doesn't overly involve Otakon and instead includes a verbal fight I was privy to at Starbucks, information about some new jewlery I have, and some stuff about other stuff I can't prethink of )

It looks like my journal's turning into one giant, updated-every-day advertisement for my wares at Otakon. *snickers* So am I multi-location whoring myself out? Or merely using another less-used-by-me route for...er...new clientèle? *had to keep the whore theme going with continued language?*

Oh yeah! If you're a member of DA and you haven't already, go to my journal and the subsection of Polls and take part in the random one. Here's a quick link for those who might not want to dig or care for it. And no, I won't tell anyone why I'm doing such an odd, random, crazy poll. Not a soul. *pause* ...Jemz? Give me bunnies? *pulls out all the stoppers and makes absolutely adorably cute eyes*

If there's one thing I've been learning, it's that I need to get up earlier. x.x Not kidding - I'm only managing about two pieces of art coloured a day and only two inked, which is *not* enough. I need to get up to four images a day before the con, and try and keep that pace. As well as get my business cards printed off and *collapses* I can renege on my promise to sleep for a few days, ne? Ne?

Links to new art under the cut )
*toddles off to rectify the hunger*

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Today was mainly spent with sleeping-in ([livejournal.com profile] swtjemz, you owe me a smut bunny *grins*) and then being dragged off to have lunch with my god-cousin? I think she's my god-cousin. I'm not exactly sure...the daughter of my dad's sister? She just graduated from Georgetown University and before she flew off to Emory, she needed a lift to the airport, had made UPS mail her graduation ring to our home address, and wanted to get it before she left. We picked her up, took her out to lunch, and then dropped her off at the airport.

I spent the considerable time we had in the car reading, since it's not like I could very well draw when I was in there. Happily I finished Arrow's Flight, because damn I'm rediscovering my love of Mercedes Lackey with a passion, and I started on Arrow's Fall once I finished that up. Next on my list is Winds of Fate and the Winds Trilogy of course. I've got the Storm Cycle next too, and finishing the Last Herald Mage cycle is a top priority. Of course, reading's only done when I'm not drawing - when I've stressed my arm too much from computer time and drawing time, which happens for a few hours every day at least. >> I should not draw and not be on the computer for a day but that's not going to happen! NEVER!

Unless I really, really, really get sick after Otakon. *shudders* I fear the dreaded Con Sickness.

::New Art::
° Borne of Fire - Pyrite, one of my oldest creations, and also a colour job on a lineart I'd posted here earlier, during the Spring semester. She's being well-received on DA so I'm going to make a few prints and bring them with me to Otakon - gasp, original character art! *shock*
° The Black Lady - Chibiusa's evil villain form, and rather smartly executed, if I have to say so. *grins* I tend to love the evil people, as everyone knows, and I'm really proud of how this came out, too.

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I haven't decided if I'm going to be showing them off at my art journal, since that is almost solely Harry Potter (not intended!) but I've got a lot of art I'm working on for Otakon and what's the point of a journal if not to talk all about me and memememememe? :P

° Xellos, Trickster (but chibi) Priest - Oh, I'm an old Slayers fan. Slayers was one of the first animes I discovered after Sailor Moon, and I've been in love with it ever since.
° Chibi Super Sailor Jupiter - redesigned for how I'm making prints for Otakon. I like the squiggly things!
° PGSM: Sailor Princess Serenity - you've all seen me talk about PGSM on and off (oh merlin, I love the show!) and here's one of the beautiful things they added to the show to make it different from the anime and manga: Usagi's princess self in senshi form
° Talisman's Water Guardian - The only time I've ever drawn Sailor Neptune, believe it or not. ^^' I like how it came out, all in all
° Super Sailor Saturn - it seems like the only time I ever drawn Hotaru is either for conventions or for someone else, even if I do like her. Basic background added in Photoshop with pretty brushes and colour matching skills. :D

If you see anything you like, I sell prints and all of the originals (unless otherwise stated) are also for sale. *groans* I hate con season, I think - I'm going to be drawing all-out until Friday and then I'll be spending the whole weekend doing the exact same thing, loving every minute of it, and at the same time bemoaning it all. I'm going to kill my hand (again, probably WORSE than I did last year) and the worse part is that I have to teach nearly every day as soon as I get back. *sobs* I'm going to be sick, and tired, and dead and teaching.

Powers that be, help the students taking my classes. They'll barely be able to hear me, let alone have a competent teacher. :D

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First off, happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] gryphynkit and [livejournal.com profile] ginny_weasley! May you get...er...lots of...chocolate? And cake! Cake's good, so have cake! :D I'm all about the...er...meaningful things to be said on people's birthdays. *pause* ...yeah... '>>

See, I'm supposed to be sleeping. I was, earlier, but then I kinda woke up. I blame my dog (she's really cute, but she's snoring really loudly and since she sleeps right next to my pillow, it's hard to sleep through a dog-that's-snoring-loudly in this case) and her cuteness, as well as the Otakon Fever which must be searing my brain incredibly early. That and PGSM which has just *eaten* whatever sanity I had, spit it back out so that it likes shiny things and cheap henshin sequences coupled with bad acting and...er...other stuff.

I've got two Inu-Yasha chibis sketched, two Naruto chibis sketched, two senshi sketched as well as a PGSM chibi inked, some borderline-ecchi art I just need to decide who to make having a really short and being blown-up by the wind skirt (suggestions - FEMALE CHARACTERS I mean since she's got boobs dears! - welcome) as well as an Usagi-in-a-bikini-and-on-the-beach sketched and mostly I need to sit down, buckle down, and ink ink ink. Once I ink,it's so much easier to colour, you know?

Aside from the art side, I'm actually reviewing the terms Otakon listed for Writer's Alley. Sure, sure, I'm not *in* Writer's Alley but when has that actually stopped me? I might wind up taking some copies of fics to Otakon and in the very least, I'm plotting to spend not nearly as much time at-con drawing as I did last year (I would like to be able to bend my ring finger and my pinky finger *without* having to beg a three hour massage from the table next to me) and instead *gasp* smutting. I mean writing. *coughs* Yeaaaah. << >> << >> INNOCENT I AM! *flee*

Before I shimmy off for the night, since I'm starting to actually (finally!) get tired and know that if I don't head to bed soon I'll be smacked up one side and down the other by a lot of unnamed parties, the consensus heard from my not-mainly-here-for-Harry-Potter crowd is that glimpses of other fandoms are welcome here. :P I might actually take you all up at your word. A last note! My account on FF.net got deleted from inactivity. *meeps* So I'm actually really happy because most of that was really old crap and I've redone my account and am putting up only my most recent art. :D YAY! The last traces of my art pre-2003 is GONE from the net! YAY! *dances like a maniac!*

*flees for real now*
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o0 Wow, you take a break from the net and find yourself stuck in a whole lot of stuff you never knew about. If anyone wants to offer to kindly catch me up on life, the universe, and everything else that I've missed, I'd appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows what the *hell* happened on DA, I'd -really- love to know what the fuck went down there. I sign on and find out that Jark and a few other admins have resigned from the site they founded and (obviously) they can't go out and give us details because of legal reasons but what the HELL?!

*sobs* I miss Sirius! (Before anyone goes "HUH?!" to me, I named my laptop Sirius. << The scanner's Pince, and all related computer stuff is named after Harry Potter characters and my car's named for Bellatrix and yes, I know I'm nuts) On the other hand, I'm working my little tail off to get ready for Otakon so I'm making prints, a lot of new artwork, making even more new artwork, and then again even MORE new artwork. Anyone have any suggestions on pricing for prints at Otakon and how many I should do of each? And this time, I'm not leaving my hentai artwork at home. ;) I did last time and it cost me.

...yep, I'm still the master of rambling. :D I'll try to check back more often than I have the past week, ganbatte ne, minna! (Yes, I'm returning to my anime-centric roots in prep for Otakon, or at least more heavily living in them)
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I seem to be dying from a lack of sleep. Even if that makes no sense since I got a pretty good amount of sleep over most of the weekend, just got short-shifted last night. And that wasn't MY fault! Thunderstorms + dog who hates them + said dog sleeping next to your ear = not good sleep. And she's too cute to kick off the bed, so she...mostly...barked in my ear. >< Meeeeeeh. But I'm getting really tired so I might (surprising you ALL) call it an early night and get to sleep before midnight. Or at least before 1AM. Something like that, at least...

Spent the day buying some food (cheese-its, crackers, pringles) because with Mum out of the house, I can actually have some snacks again. And with Dad not around until the evening, I had time to grab them. I also picked up my favourite gummies (I love them so!!!) from Japan in pineapple and grape, although not as much grape as I wanted. *sniffles* I picked up a little bit more stationary from the Asian mart, too (so cute...yes, I own CUTE things. Cue world end...?) so I've got...er...lots. >> To use. Riiiiiiiight. *shifty*

I talk about Java, Otakon, Hogwarts Live, and sunglasses here )

Links to New Artwork!
° Chibi Schoolboy Remus and Sirius - G, coloured. Adorable anime-styled Remus and Sirius as Gryffindor students chibified.
° Snuggled in my arms - PG-13/R, coloured. Remus snuggled and held protectively in Sirius' arms. Their Naughty Bits are hidden by a blue blanket, but there's naked chests.
° My Bout, My prize - NC-17, coloured. Lucius/Severus inspired by [livejournal.com profile] underlucius's Riposte drabble. <3
° Are you ready yet, Severus...? - G, coloured. The re-draw of my Lucius!fencer image, and in colour! I rather love it. <3 Luuuuucius.

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It's some sort of soul-sucking LAKE. Or ocean (whose real name is "Ocean of Living in Hell" is something equally bad) maybe. Whatever it is I HATE it - with a passion. I might love my close family (ie Mother, Father, and dog) but anything outside of those three tries my patience in such short time. Thankfully my grandparents and aunt are gone, currentl on-route to New York, then Paris, then...Estonia? No idea. They dragged my mum off to tour Russia and places therein, myself barely managing to escape getting suckered into the trip. I've only got to avoid their possible plots for next summer now, since they seem determined to drive me insane and "take me on a cruise" with them.

While yes, normally, that'd be a great experience...with my grandparents, there are a few problems. Problem one is they are raving loons. Nice, lovely, adorable, sweet ones but raving loons all the same. They've got no concept of "knock before entering a room that isn't your own," "knock before opening a door which is closed," or "reading the computer screen over my shoulder is rude" at all. In the span of five minutes of my grandmother standing in my room she'd commented on how incredibly messy it was and how it was a miracle I could find anything in it, how my computer background was horribly offensive and ill-mannered (and jeesh, it wasn't even my porny YAOI one) and I should change it immediately, how my room looked like a college dorm with useless junk strewn all over it (for reference, she was staring at my anime and artwork when she said that) and how it was obvious I didn't mind the old decor because with all the drawings on the wall, you couldn't see it. There are times - MANY times - when I think really bad things about what I'd love to have happen. --'

I rant about Copics (markers) and my grandparents some more )

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Mmmmeeeeeehhhhhh...three and a half hours of sleep is far too little when you forget to grab a soda before driving out to class. No comments from the peanut gallery *or* from the "Jate needs more sleep" club which apparently is active again. Although it'd been ages since anyone but [livejournal.com profile] thescarletwoman or [livejournal.com profile] cravache pestered me about sleep, suddenly I'm being told by [livejournal.com profile] kit_caventry and [livejournal.com profile] kouryu_shai are joining in the battle. Kit, by the way, said she was secretary, and did the battle between you and [livejournal.com profile] forthe_love ever settle the battle for who was President and who was Vice President? And did those buttons for members ever get made?

I've added some more fics to my FF.net account (nothing you haven't seen here, folks - Aettryne Pæð, Interlude After Intermission, and What a Malfoy Wants. And no, before anyone goes "Aren't those your LJ links?" that wasn't a mistake - FF.net's being an arse at updating the recent files (I played around a bit with formatting after I initially uploaded the fics) so until the changed files on the server come through, I'm not going to link to 'em. I've already gotten one review (on the only one which FF.net has added to my account user page, so it makes sense in that regard) and it was sweet.

And it sparked Want. It sparked a Want to put sodding NC-17 up there because DAMNIT, I have some good (if kinky) fics. And they're arses for removing and banning NC-17 stuff. *glares at them* And I'm going to go through and edit all of the files I've got on FF.net to put some consistent formatting up and in those fics. When I changed the formatting on the newer files, I liked the way they looked better so I've decided 'm going to go back through all the old ones and do that. And then chant obscenities at FF.net's servers until they change their image files and show the current, new, spiffy codes instead of the older crap. And then I've got the Epic Fic (you know, the post-HBP one which everyone seems to have suddenly gotten ideas for) to work on but putting it aside to work on kinky drabbles for people. I was aiming to have a batch done before I posted any but with the way I'm going...not going to happen. I'm going to prod a few people for beta work when I get home from class, if I remember to.

<< Someone remind me to schedule an optometrist appointment? I need to get my eyes occulars (or orbs, I haven't picked which Suethor term I want to adopt) checked since I've been having problems focusing for fewer reasons than I used to have problems with. And note to self: take a nap today before Lia brains you unconscious. Or at least have idled a minimum of two hours to make Lia happy. ^^ And hope she doesn't read this...er... I'LL SLEEP, REALLY! *flee*

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It's Monday! Monday means many things (Java programming class, an alarm going off really fecking early, Mum being home when I still mentally expect her to be at work, buying cheap gas before I drive home from class) but most importantly, now, it means that Fandom Returns! The general hiatus for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is about over and most newsletters and communities are returning to semi-normal status. Most of the Metas have posted conspiracy theories (so many, in fact, that it's driven me nearly nuts) and every 'ship community I'm a member of has exploded with Ship Wars, icons all about their ships, and bemoaning Rowling for this or that.

Before I get on with my semi-coherent ramblings, let me state my position clearly. Stuff related to HBP is under this cut but it's short and relatively pointless and mostly rantings about how I don't care for ship wars )

I will not be posting my theories about HBP and what it means for the end of Harry Potter. Most of my ideas have already been talked about by other people and you know how I hate repeating myself sometimes. If you want to know what I think, ping me via IM, Y!M, email, or a comment here and I'll be more than happy to share with you off-journal, just to keep my place spoiler-free. ^^

On Saturday night (after I finished HBP) I went out with Meredith (old school friend and my Student Supervisor for the Star*T lab and not [livejournal.com profile] meredyth_13 although that'd be incredibly fun but rather hard to explain...) and Varun to dinner (mmmhmmmm, Don Pablos) and then we met up with Lenny, Abby, and Dan and went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. !!!!! Such a good movie, so-! So-! WARPED! We all liked it so much that we've already planned to go out tonight and see it again. So many hilarious lines, such good graphics and skins and meshes for the CG effects, and DEPP! DEPP! OOOOHHHHHH!!!!! It was so good, so very, very good! *melts in a puddle of happy Jate* I can't wait to see it again but this time I think I'll bring my inhaler because I laughed so hard I risked triggering an asthma attack. GOOD MOVIE. Whoever says Depp was horrible in it, or that the Gene Wilder one was better...bad! TRAINED SQUIRRELS! TRAINED SQUIRRELS!!!! And the puppets!

Work has progressed on the drabbles (they're ALL turning out to be ficlets, damn me) I'm doing for people as well as a non-member entry for [livejournal.com profile] hp_literotica I delayed working/posting because most of fandom avoided LJ all weekend long to devour the New Canon. All sorts of projects I'm working on right now, at the moment, actually... *blinks* But I think my head's understanding Java more since I'm thinking about the programs in more Object-Oriented ways. :3 YAY! Class is going to be over soon, too, and then it's full-steam ahead preparation for Otakon. o_o Where I will have a *GASP!* NC-17 binder! I'll have to check for IDs or something! *fake faint*

Links to new Artwork )

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I don't have a cute graphic to say it but *coughs*

I will be on LJ friends-list hiatus until I have finished HBP. A little fuckwit in a comm prolly already spoiled me but thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cravache, I read a SNARRY (take a gasp, here) Profundous Exuro Intus (By Toni) and it just about scrubbed my brain clean for me.

[livejournal.com profile] thescarletwoman is also helping the "must scrub brain" problem by having made (and posted) to her new writing LJ! Head over to [livejournal.com profile] theladyamneris and OMG LIA WRITING! *glee* Should just about scrub my brain free.

Love you all, dears!
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Ah, teaching is the joy of life. Alright, so that's a lie. *shrugs* Sue me, then. (Don't! I'm poor!)

On the way into work, there's this one tree I pass under. If you know where I live you're thinking to yourself "
Big deal, there's trees all over, Jate!" and you'd be right. Except this tree is Super Special. Unless I'm awake, I always freak and think there's a snake dangling from the tree, because one of the dead-but-not-rotted-from-the-tree branches looks like a black snake. I'm not very with-it today, and I petted the tree branch.

[livejournal.com profile] underlucius is...! IS...! Beyond words! SOGOOD! Riposte (LM/SS) is done and !!!!!!!! *melty* [livejournal.com profile] underlucius owns me. And I've also got a twin - I'm Teh Ebil Twin™ #2. ([livejournal.com profile] cravache is #1) *flails* Fencing! GUH! Yank my chain any time you want to, UL, you own me I'm going to wind up stroking my foils ack, that sounds so dirty cracking out my sword...yeah, yeah, laugh it up! I can't think about fencing without also tossing in "after-spar shower" now, thanks to UL.

...I need fencing icons. *plots* And yes, I am really random today. I know I am, trust me. I'm at work (project for boss *and* trying to write, go me!) and actually dreading the end of my day. Of course, I will really like when I get home, since I plan on doing some system maintainence on my machine (yes, I am a techno geek) and cleaning my inking pens before inking. And drawing. More drawing than inking, I bet. Or maybe not. And writing! I've got something sent *gasp* off to a beta! *waits* Do I get a casualty count for that statement? *grins*

I'm redoing the fencing Lucius image and the new version should be up tonight, hopefully. Yes, yes, I love it and he looks so wonderful but his head's been bugging me since about thirty minutes after I inked it and I had to change it. :P I'm the artist and I say it sucks. But go squeeze Snape's arse while you wait. *grins* To the Lucius'es which are magically frequenting my journal... NAKED SNAPE! *flee*

I'm insane but love me anyways! MUAHAHAH!!!!!!

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I feel all accomplished - I managed to fix the code I'd screwed up without having to bug [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon again! :D She's prolly happy about that (more so than I am *snickers*) and me? Lookit! I've got a pretty header image and my Friends page loads right. :D YAY! I've got it set up in a way that makes me happy *purrs* so see? Lookit me being happy. Only problem is that 3 Columns is appealing more and more and NO! I just got this to work! I WILL RESIST!!!!

For now. *shifty eyes*

Due to recent evil suggestions and details provided by [livejournal.com profile] cravache because Lucius is a prodding, I've got fencing on the brain. Not a bad thing, really, but there are only so many hours I can put up letting my brain imagine a duel before I want to dig my blades out and frighten my dog. And Can you just imagine the smirk Lucius would wear...? I'm doomed, utterly doomed!

I also updated my info page to contain some things. Things like the RPG that totally lacks any attempt at plot and instead is an excuse to write lots and lots of porn with other writers [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_bound I'm in (roles are not generally listed, to protect our...reputations) along with other talented people who make me look like the amateur I am. Ooooh, people on my flist! For [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_bound we need Hermione! Go check out the info page for (I think) an updated list of characters. If you want to simply read the RPG as it goes (and it opened already, so there's lots of smut threads to read) then please FRIEND the community, [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_bound. Attempts to *join* it will be rejected, as the community is for game-players only, and -any- attempts to join [livejournal.com profile] tiebondage will be rejected, as that is an OOC comm for players only. ;) Sorry if you wanted to read the smuts we happily worked on over there, but those are Flocked and any non-players trying to join will get le-rejected.

The other thing which is proudly displayed along with a banner on my info page is my new project. <3 Details to come soon, or check out [livejournal.com profile] sieve_serpens's info page for details.

*toddles off to work on the numerous bunnies clamouring for food/attention/love* Bunnies! Ah, if you missed it (and really, how long does someone keep these suckers open? *shrugs* They'll close eventually, but they're both still open for grabs) I'm taking both drabbles-written-for-other-people and still accepting prompts/pairings for drabbles requested for one's self. ^^ I'm having so much fun getting ideas from the suggestions so far that I'm keeping them open for a while longer. And for those going "Alright, so you're writing again but where the hell's the art?" never fear! I'm also drawing (again) happily. So expect to see something pop up on [livejournal.com profile] jate_art pretty soon.

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I must address a few things. I'm working on An Update but...uh...I'm a slacker. >> Please note: The things I address range from random notes to the Powers that Be (PTB is a cute nickname for them, don't you think?) to fangirlish worships. I'd eventually get back to coherent writing and real cohesive sentences but my new endeavour with the P0rn-chat ladies is sucking what little bits of my soul fandom did not lay previous claim to.

To [livejournal.com profile] thescarletwoman: Can I buy some more doujinshi? Please? *begs* I got a notice that one I was looking for is in at a dealer but I promised you I wouldn't buy any more doujinshi so I have to ask to see if I could get it because you'd thwap me on the head again if you didn't get warned about it in advance.

To [livejournal.com profile] adbaculum: >> Iiiiiif a sequel were to be worked on, what would you *really* really want in it, luv? I want to make sure that the sequel hits all the buttons I missed and you to have hit with the first one. *grins* I mean, there's no point in wanting to write the best damned porn possible if it doesn't fit the things the original inspiration wanted.

To [livejournal.com profile] swtjemz: Name your favourite OTP right now. Immediately And no, I won't explain why. *grins* Threats or promises of sex will not get me to reveal it either, and calling Lia up to ask won't do! :P JUST TELL!!!!!

To [livejournal.com profile] alittlewhisper: Holy merlin! WE CAN WRITE HET! Oh, yeah, er... >> Hahahahaaaaahahaaaa Me, you...het. We need to practice writing more het, I think, so want to have the others get it on? I'm sure he'll need some healing after Lucius's "tender" attentions.

To [livejournal.com profile] cravache: OMGLUCIUS *SEXX0RS* *breaths* *SEXX0RS SOME MORE OMG LUCIUS SEXX0R*

To summer weather: Turn the thermometer down. I like 60-70 for an ambient temperature, not 90-100. Take note and comply. I do not like sweating and having my glasses fog from merely opening my car DOOR. Let's not talk about how sweaty I get by the time I make it to class (minds OUT of the gutter, please!)

To Mister Blaise Zabini: Go shag a Gryffindor - you could even shag Ron or Neville - and leave me alone. You are, though, free to leave bunnies in comments at all time of the day (or night) for me to take and adopt. If you don't start playing a little nicer, I'll tell you all about what I draw and write and not show you *OR* your mun one word or pixel of it. *glares* And I mean it!

To my university: Please have another power outage like you did on Monday. I really liked it. If you don't want to oblige me in this, then at least have the campus close from a heat advisory and shut down the AC system. Pretty please, with sugar on top!

To my muses: Please take a number and bunny me one at a time. I don't have six hands and can't draw and write at the same time, so only one bunny can be attended to before another one. If you want to multi-bunny me, please leave a written note explaining what you want because after about a certain level of "GUUUUUUH" my brain melts and takes 24 hours to reform from smutty slush. Also, go watch Theo and Blaise for a little while and multiply.

Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] andsaca369. *smoochies* And in case I miss it, happy birthday tomorrow to [livejournal.com profile] theartema, [livejournal.com profile] modern_bur, and [livejournal.com profile] yuki_chan615. *snuggles all* I hate summer classes, by the way.

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A quick update since I have a shiteload of things I should be doing at the moment, none of which involve sitting on my bum in front of the computer. :D

1. I got Sorted into Slytherin at [livejournal.com profile] lumos_sorting! I need to make my introductory post to [livejournal.com profile] lumos_slytherin tonight.
2. I broke down, tossed aside my love of canon, and joined a completely batty RPG with my Porn Chat ladies. :D Having so much FUN, too!
3. I've begun work on rewriting Collars, started a new fic born from the psychotially dark depths of my mind filled with lots of interesting analysis which I adore, and have also begun writing the sequel to His Perfect Pet.
4. I have a new pairing that I love and it's all [livejournal.com profile] swtjemz's fault. Blaise Zabini/Theodore Nott, which probably is a rarepair, are a newfound love for me and have inspired art, a night full of the hottest dreams to ever smack my brain restless sleep, as well as story ideas. And Snape/Theo is a secondary love of mine, probably tied with the uncanon Regulus/Theo/Blaise ideas floating in my head thanks to Verus, Jemz, and all of the PornChat ladies.
5. I'm working on those suggested/requested artworks! In between succumbing to the seductive suggestions I get from my porny ladies and he ideas my own head is spawning, I'm working on the ideas people gave me. :3

And now? I get my arse to work! x.x BAH!

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