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"Wait a second Jateshi," you all are going, "you already have one of those! What's this about a second one when Character Class is so neglected?!"

Now, now, I soothingly say, CC isn't dead. It's just...not been living. And neglected, yes, but not forever. So let me explain- Character Class was never meant to only be a joke strip. Instead it was meant to be a webcomic revolving around my warlock, sometimes include the antics of my Horde guild home, and feature, when I wanted it to, cynical observations about game play. But Character Class itself is too limiting a name to take it all of the directions I want to go and that's been a HUGE block on my decision to take the mantle of it back up again. I saw what happened to Manic Graffiti when Anya went to take the comic away from constantly making game centric observations and people either loved or hated it - because they knew MG as one thing only. CC is a place I can eventual expound any gamer idea on to but I can't take that title and run something, well, serious off of it. The style of CC, for one, is chibi - that's inherently humorous.

So here's what I'm doing - Arluthia is going to feature in a new comic, the plot of which I've been tooling since before I launched CC itself. Arluthia, a handful of already chosen companions, and a plot-line that takes her beyond the realm of the current "world" of Azeroth into, well, the Emerald Dream. Mission? Save Ysera and the Emerald Dream from Bad Guys. Jokingly titled Wrath of the Lich's Dream. *snerk*

The titles, you see, I need some help on. Right now here are working title ideas and if you have some of your own, PLEASE share!
"Darkening Skies: The Emerald Front"
"Across the Emerald Line"

Any other ideas? :3

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