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So life- ehehehe...


Here's a short update on life-

  • I'm tentatively slated to move departments at work. This is much on the good side!

  • I took a brief break from WoW but reactivated because I realized what I've been missing in things is the sheer mind-numbingly large world game that is WoW. Call me weak but at least I'm not griping about missing something or others from my games.

  • I'm developing a new style. One not born of anime. One where people have different noses, all sorts of face shapes, and rolls of fat if necessary. It's amazingly freeing. I'm still keeping my anime style since there are times I just want to (really quickly) whip something up but this is new. And different. And quite changing. I've got a lot to learn and it's like learning to ride an entirely unfriendly horse but - I'm having fun. :3

  • I'm slowly but surely working my way into developing a campaign setting. Due to availability of source materials I'm going 4th edition. It's a lot of fun!

  • I've found some absolutely fantastic places to learn stuff - there's a ton of D&D communities on DA where folks exchange quibbles, tips, and tricks (not to mention some kicking character sheet templates!) and reading the materials there has been amazing. It's neat to think that I've got 600 artists/gamers to turn to with an odd question from tabling a game, managing players, and recounting the greatest exploits of Our Merry Band (TM) .

So there's my life in a nutshell. More details when - iunno? When I finish sketching Stormcry's "why i want to grow up to be a powerful healing twIg" except imagine it written in crayon by a toddler. That's hard to convey in regular text. X3 I'll just have to post it here or something. It's a hilarious mental series of shortlets, if nothing else.
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