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I'd say I'm dusting this off but it's really turning into a brain dump of life the universe and everything again.

I still have my job - in fact I moved into security. Yay!

I've been at the same flat for over a year now.

I have a new room-mate, a guy named Justin who is moving to VA.

I quit WoW but replaced my MMO crack fix with SWTOR which I love.

I'm standing up a joke social network, Sithbook, on a new domain I bought. :)

And for the long and short - well, that's it.
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Full plate, huh? In the spirit of insanity I'm also moving while still trying to recover from bronchitis - go me!

So this weekend I move apartments. With luck Dee and I will not discover that, contrary to thirteen years of knowing each other, we hate each other's guts. I'm instead hoping that I can successfully trade computer skills and general hob-nobbery like that for dishes and vacuuming which seem to be my personal demons. In the very least we're somehow unmixy things but that more has something to do with trying to get a handle on the apartment after bronchitis and I quite thoroughly fail at that. Either way I'm massively behind in packing my crap up (I have to be out of current place Sunday) due to the past two weeks of "Hey, my immune system sucks when it comes to respiratory infections!" I blame Bob. -.-

I'm maintaining a World of Warcraft Blog, as well - called Coffee & Demons, centering on a warlock's take on stuff. My happy general writing tone (sarcasm and poorly-veiled barbs included) also make frequent appearances and my lessons I've learned while levelling up my raid-healer twig are also apparent. I've currently set a thrice-a-week update schedule but might scale back later on - it depends on if I get into the WoW beta? Or how much time I have? Or all sorts of things - in the very least the constant writing is reminding me that I love to write so it's quite fun to work on. :)

Tossing the rest of my WoW rambles under a cut since I know most folks don't give two coppers for 'em!
So I have a twig... )

As for the icon? It's my way of dealing with the "ARGH" of work. Putting in a duplicate request when you state, IN YOUR SECOND TICKET, that someone is already working on it gets it closed for being stupid. -.-
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Quite honestly - really, I'm not dead. Work is finally (finally!) reaching a level where I can relax and start to pursue the things I love on the side, found myself doodling, even! Well, while working on something but still, a doodle is a doodle and it's more than the pages of eyes or noses I've churned out.

So life is about to settle somewhat again and it's late notice. Well, not for me, but for anyone who still remembers who the hell I am on here: I'm moving in July! Not far, not distant, and certainly not someplace without internet access but still, moving. I'll be sharing a flat with long-time friend Dee and we will aim to save money and not kill each other. We're going to be a few buildings down from where I am now, same complex, but no garage. Saves us a bunch in rent, though, and saving rent is a good thing!

I'm once again raiding in WoW and on my warlock, no less! My druid is inching towards 80 but my focus has, as my usual, been consumed with doing things on Arlu while I still can. Old reps, dungeons, going for my 100 mounts, completing quest lines , the same sort of stuff I tend to always do. It's why I can still love this game world, long after most of the friends I originally played with have quit. Speaking of WoW though, I recently was noodling through WoW.com's posts and saw they were looking for a warlock writer. In my sheer stupidity, I started to tap away at my keys before I read that the deadline had long-since passed but it sparked an idea: me, writing. Hence, you see, why I am here for a quick note before turning myself over to a proper night of sleep.

WoW.com does have a "guest post" application open for a topic and I've already written up draft number one of my submission. I'm currently 550 words over their required length, though, so I'm going to take a look at it later and give it an edit before biting my nails, saying my prayers, and sending it in, NDA and some more thorough reads of agreement terms of course. I've been itching to write a warlock blog, though, since I already plotted out ten articles (remember what I said about tapping before I read the deadline? Yeah, I did my article plotting and THEN read the deadline) so I'm debating posting them here, putting together a proper blog on my domain, or posting them up on my DA.

So here I am, not dead and quite obviously enthralled with my beloved gaming addiction once again.

import memory
print "Hello, world!"
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So I found out yesterday that I got the job! :D YAY! I am going to be joining Security! :D


*thud from the direction of bed*
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So life- ehehehe...


Here's a short update on life-

  • I'm tentatively slated to move departments at work. This is much on the good side!

  • I took a brief break from WoW but reactivated because I realized what I've been missing in things is the sheer mind-numbingly large world game that is WoW. Call me weak but at least I'm not griping about missing something or others from my games.

  • I'm developing a new style. One not born of anime. One where people have different noses, all sorts of face shapes, and rolls of fat if necessary. It's amazingly freeing. I'm still keeping my anime style since there are times I just want to (really quickly) whip something up but this is new. And different. And quite changing. I've got a lot to learn and it's like learning to ride an entirely unfriendly horse but - I'm having fun. :3

  • I'm slowly but surely working my way into developing a campaign setting. Due to availability of source materials I'm going 4th edition. It's a lot of fun!

  • I've found some absolutely fantastic places to learn stuff - there's a ton of D&D communities on DA where folks exchange quibbles, tips, and tricks (not to mention some kicking character sheet templates!) and reading the materials there has been amazing. It's neat to think that I've got 600 artists/gamers to turn to with an odd question from tabling a game, managing players, and recounting the greatest exploits of Our Merry Band (TM) .

So there's my life in a nutshell. More details when - iunno? When I finish sketching Stormcry's "why i want to grow up to be a powerful healing twIg" except imagine it written in crayon by a toddler. That's hard to convey in regular text. X3 I'll just have to post it here or something. It's a hilarious mental series of shortlets, if nothing else.
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In a way I never thought I'd see myself doing this. I still love WoW with a huge chunk of my soul but it's either Champions that I want to play or I want to read, write, and draw. Guild drama one too many times has disillusioned me from really connecting with folks, the majority of the people I initially got into the game with are either on EU servers or have long-since left, and the continued heavy favoring of Alliance (and Alliance lore) has just made my Horde heart wither. It's not a goodbye I don't think, because even now I'm missing the possibility of logging in to WoW and I can't bring myself to uninstall it, but it's a pause, a... iunno, a something. The Lore itself is amazing and I still love the worlds it spans but right now the game just ain't my thing.

Feels so odd.

Ah well, at least I have other stuff. Like writing... and drawing... hosting my DA Remix... all that other stuff.

Oh yeah, hello world. >>
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Fare thee well 2009 )

Hello 2010. I'm a day late greeting you officially but I greeted you when you hailed in. I had Hoppin' John's with the folks yesterday and my brother as well. I spent yesterday looking at my art last year, putting together a Summary of 2009 meme and working on a tutorial. I'm working on lessons for students who I've taken on at DA (three of them) and the piece that I'm working on is something that's - well it's a challenge for me as well.

This year is going to be a year of challenges. I'll be renewing the lease on my apartment this year, celebrating a year at my job at the end of March - this is just a year that I look forward to. I want to be at my job for years to come, I love my apartment and as long as I can I want to be living here. I've finally gotten my apartment cleaned, I have a spare bed, I have a coffee pot... I'm set in life, really.

So in this year here are some random assortment of goals-
I will put backgrounds on at least half of what I draw.
I will color more than half of what I draw.
I will CG something at least twice a month and dolls don't count.
I will draw a car that looks like a car.
I will draw a bike that looks like a bike.
I will paint at least once a month.
I will get my druid to 80 and at least 4 other toons to 60. (prolly before February)
I will lose weight until I am actually happy with who I am and I match my mental image of myself to what I know I can be.
I will pattern and draft and create clothing for myself and I will continue to design.
I will go back and make the damn plushies that I owe folks.

Hello 2010, I resolve to make you MY bitch instead of the other way around.
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So a bit of a recap of the past weeks or so-

I removed Arlu from the guild she was in on Moon Guard. I'm more than certain it had, by this point, totally died because the former organizing GL had left. Long live the banner of Sunfire Skyguard. I spent about thirty minutes un-guilded before a raiding guild, a nice casual three day one which is getting ready for Icecrown, approached me. After a brief chat and making sure they were good with my on-call rotation, Arlu had a new home. And the guys in the guild, and it's mostly guys, are just as sarcastic and foul-mouthed as I like my guys in dungeon-running to be. I feel vaguely at-home and it helped that when I joined her up there were a few classes and a buttload of everyone signing on to their warlocks. Alts or not, we plotted world domination until someone pointed out we'd have to respec. There was a collective "Eh, fuck that" and then we were using warlocks to try and dungeon pug. Randomly fun times had by all. She's got two pieces of Guldan's set since I only just now started running dungeons and hot damn but I love that dungeon finder. In 40 more runs I could get my first piece of Citadel-level gear. Except I have Quel'Delar sooooooo~ yeah, omgquel'delar.

I had to drop out of the PR-DA which makes me sad, Project runway DA being run by a friend, but my glasses still hadn't come in and staring at Photoshop and the mannequin were triggering migraines. On the subject of glasses they came in, finally, last week. The lack of migraines, eye strain headaches, and everything else makes me realize how sodding used to them I'd gotten in the last two months.

My brother is coming home (maybe) for the hols and I'm happy and looking forward to it. And I stuck my tree up but I need ornament hooks to finish it. I put some lights up around the flaoting cabinet in my kitchen too and thinking of stringing some lights off my balcony. Cleaning will need to commence, too, to make sure that if my brother stays at my place for a while it's not a pigsty.

I am, like usual, massively behind on LJ. So behind in fact that it's time for another "crud" moment and to declare that if there's anything that happened on LJ that I need to know about (or that you want me to know about) please toss me a link so I can catch up. I have a few select folks I am going to try and read up on but no promises. e_e

In terms of writing I've been hashing out my failed NaNo idea since it still makes me giggle - that means I still like it. I'm working out my world mechanics and my character mechanics and my kingdom mechanics but I suspect I will hash it out and toss it on the back burner as I'm 3-4k into the current chapter of SunHeart and I'll be damned if I don't finish this story before I'm old, grey, and wrinkled.


Nov. 21st, 2009 09:43 am
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I got into the Google Wave beta! WOOT!

I has 8 invites now.

Why am I up so early on a Saturday?

I'm sorry, your inability to remember your ACD password does not necessitate an emergency on MY part. Or on the part of the Voice Ops team, all of whom you have WOKEN UP EARLY.

Oh well, eye appointment soon. Ish. Soon-ish.
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Vision problems? They really truly suck.

I started to notice the problem while driving to the inappropriately named Penta Party and mentioned it to a few folk. The long and short is that I'm having extreme difficulty driving at night and focusing my eyes into single (instead of my normal state without glasses) of double vision. Eye appointment all set but this means my digital anything is cut down right now to next to nothing. So I'm not ignoring folks I'm just having really bad eye issues. Problems that include a total loss of depth perception when my eyes give out. Which is any time I spend time on the computer past a certain, incredibly flexible time limitation.



Ever had the feeling of trying to 'snap' your vision back into focus? It's like grasping at straws a million miles away, watching things overlap then fade, straining already pained eye muscles to try and get something to look solid and real. Plus it apparently is rather creepy when I focus about four inches to the left or right of someone since I can't pick what image to look at - until my brain steps in and literally turns vision from one eye off. That's hard to fix really, and feeling blind in one eye? So not a feeling I enjoy experiencing on a regular basis.
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Girly girly TMI )
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So as I'm preparing dinner for Dad, since it's his birthday I decided to cook for him, I slice my finger. A good quarter of an inch off actually. And maybe a single millimeter away from needing to go to the ER since just through the skin, not nicked, I can see those lovely red veins.

Oooow. Well not so much with the ow since, amusingly, my ability to sense pain hasn't ever recovered from a childhood injury, but still - ooooow. My NaNo timeline is in jeopardy, at least it's only on the left hand so my art isn't in jeopardy, and my tinkering in the bowls of crap is shelved for a few days... in the very least, I think this might take a bit longer to spring back from though.


If you message me and it takes longer for me to reply just give me some time, I've had to adjust my typing to make up for losing a finger. >
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Time to begin making new icons! I've got art I really want to turn into icons so, once I get some Fantober drawn, I'll prolly start working on my two long-awaited (if only to me) LJ projects, custom icons and a custom mood theme made from my artwork. (Since I just use a word I made up Fantober is a project I'm doing which I talk about incessantly on IM and since it's been a while since I've posted anything here, far less often outside of IM) One good nearly three week break from WoW later I am all sorts of energized and revitalized on my many projects and look forward to November with a happiness rarely rivaled by anything. Well it's more of a sedate happiness really but it's a happiness none-the-less.

Now that the month or so is over I can explain what exactly has been going on and why I've been not present much on the face of the earth - Mum's been out of town so I've been helping Dad with his diabetes and health and stuff. So I've been pretty busy every day for a month and now that Mum's back I've got more free time again. Yay! I celebrated by getting my Tauren DK to 60, his professions up to 300+, and his rep to Friendly with the Argent Dawn. He's my third toon to begin the Argent grind and my second climbing-to-endgame inscriptionist. Oi. I am insane.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about the recent pic I did for the WoW_ladies Travel Journal so I thought I'd show off the scan of it I posted at DA which I color corrected to be a bit better than the one that ended up being posted to 1001 Journals.

Let Sleeping Warlocks... by =Jateshi on deviantART
Arluthia, Songsmith (my Tauren druid on Moon Guard), and my dwarf who I will NEVER DIVULGE HER SERVER LOCATION!

The discussion spawned an idea of doing a Tauren pin-up and I have to say the idea is appealing and amusing at the same time. Maybe if Blizz would release the damn female Worgen models I'd do a lineup of my future Worgen... *glares at Blizz in her ineffectual way* If I can wrangle a classic pin-up pose with Tauren body then hahahaha, it's totally not my fault.

Writing more, in addition to arting and WoWing. *joys* \o/ I've written two short ficlets so far this month and working on a third centered about The Prisoner. The classic, Prisoner, mind you. And with two snippets I've actually got a foundation for an original sci-fi project once I re-dig-out the design prelims I had and decide what route I want to take this thing. Webcomic? Ficlet? Full on writing project? NaNoWriMo?
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I am totally and utterly wiped. I am tired, want nothing more than to curl up in bed, but am waiting to bounce laundry to the dryer before I go crash.

I've started a Fantober project which is a way for me to draw the worlds I love that aren't Sailor Moon or World of Warcraft which, as I'm in an art kick, has gone to the wayside in typical "Oooooh PAPER LIES BEFORE ME!" fashion. I'll post some of them up here buuuut HAHAH I HAVE DA WAYS OF DOING THIS MWUAHAHA!

I'm working on like two hours of sleep, folks, give me credit for being coherent. I spent a good hour arguing why a full beer bottle was better for smacking than a full beer bottle so I'm not totally coherent but I'm happily in my happy home, with a blanket, and watching Bleach. OMG FADE TO BLACK CALL MY NAME ROCKED! WATCH IT! If you're into Bleach at least. It's awesome. Been dreaming fight scenes (when I sleep) now, is very cool.


Fantober- Harry Potter by =Jateshi on deviantART

*stares at sloppy code* woooooooow that's really badly written DA, but it's free! HEE! HARRY POTTER! I drew him. After HOW many years?!
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Having my beloved Ne-chan come up is a blast. It's been fun, chatting, and makes her moving down so much easier. Because there's still the we-get-together thing which I love. It does highlight that I really should get a better sleeping thing for guests because while the sofa is squishy and comfy you'd get a bad back crick staying for too long. So I need to figure something I can store in the apartment for guests to sleep on. Maybe a rolled lay-bed I can keep under my bed? I've got the floorspace for storing and deploying a twin if I just can figure out where to keep it. I'm not a fan of inflated mattresses though they're good but squeaky-squeaky-squeaky.

Project Runway is addicting and for me, inspiring. I've been, between gabbing and movies and cider, sketching out stuff. A Tudor-inspired runway dress. A drapey cape-thing to go over the dress designed for pregnancy. I'm trying to think of something classy for a dinner party and realizing that I have a bad limitation with either short pleated or long and elegant and nothing in between. So this has to change. I should really start upping my game and making the mini patterns for what I want, too. Because I'd like to eventually get in to making my own clothing and looking at the future of what I'd need. I want to design my own costumes but most of what I design is either RTW or costume. I've got such limitations as a designer that I need to challenge myself and go more. :3 So a random goal - go more. Go more backgrounds, go more flair, go more dramatic, go more everything.

I think this is part of me trying to refit myself into my skin and see how I want to change it. Red hair and a personality aren't just enough, I need to rediscover who I was. I look back at my old designs and see such random sparks of insanity, something beautiful, and where did it go? I want to make clothing that flatters my body but at the same time I want to change my body until I feel like it's my body again instead of this form I exist inside of.

I do care very much for the feedback from others. I wilt and thrive based on a few words instead of listening to what I could tell myself. That is unacceptable as a creator, as an artist, and as a writer. I need to look for feedback but I also need to be able to tel myself something and believe it. I'm taking steps but I need to still do it.

To mis-use a quote, I need to take back myself. I'm going to take back my artwork and writing, my creativity, and take back my soul.

Speaking of, I'm finally back to work on Chapter Three! I've had a lovely blast going back through it, finding my chapter notes, and realizing how much I have to look forward to in the story. There are so many little twists, so many new sections to take my readers (what few I have XD) and so much to show them. So much structure of the Dark Kingdom which I've worked out, so much pulling out from fics that only my Ne-chan knows existed. There is so much I have to show people that I have to take a breath, step back, and remember that in order to keep going I have to first get going again. I think Chapter Three will be shorter if only to finally put a close to the Chapter which has been like a weight.

Who would be interested in seeing these random clothing designs I am coming up with? I'd love to get some help from the costumers I have around me in taking an idea and getting suggestions on how to make it real. I'd also love to just share some of the random ideas I have instead of finding sketchbooks rotting (not literally) with artwork and designs that no one sees, that I never share.

Seeing Dee reminded me that I miss my Lia a lot so <3 A random bit of love for all of my friends (new and old) and I wish I had an icon of love for all of you. I miss talking to a lot of you (Jemz and Gala and Bleak and Judas - all of you from those crazy HP days) and I miss remembering a lot of the insanity we had. I love my friends from the Sailor Moon world but more than a little bit I know I'm hiding half of myself because that fandom is so much younger in terms of sexual explorations that it misses so much.
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You know, check the timestamps when people send you stuff. Seriously.

I'm sick and fucking tired of being chewed out or accused of something when, if you'd checked the timestamp of a message, you'd find out it went out -at- -the- -same- -time- as something else occurring. And if I kept it private instead of tacking a reply ON to something and making it public shouldn't that *also* be considered?

For fuck's sake.

If you're losing respect for me over it and you didn't see when I sent the message for fuck's sake, just check it. Merlin! Merlin, Hecate, and Menos.

This'll go down later but for fuck's SAKE.
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I wish my fucking body would make up its sodding mind and stick to either having or not having. Please. Honestly, I'm hormonal as fuck and haven't had an urge to actually eat chocolate this bad in YEARS.

Need cool ranch doritos STAT. Dammit, want them so badly that I want to walk out to get some.

Just too fucking damn tired for it.

want doritos.

And the 3rd Bleach movie.


If I were a cat I'd be curling up on someone's prized possession and shedding fur of the opposite color on it so hard three years later you'd still find hairs.
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I realized, in my ambitious drive to do filters, that there are some problems with setting them up.

One, I'd have to go primarily F.O. Which has always been something I have been against. I mean I'll tag some stuff FO but the majority of my LJ? Eh, doesn't appeal to me. If I'm going to say something then in a small way it's me being certain I really want to say it. If I do filters unless I'm making a specific filter to plan someone's birthday (which since leaving fen I really don't do much anymore, funny that...) I tend to feel like it's nitpicking and cheating in a sense.

I do, rather, instead end up tagging with [brackets] in the subject what a post is related to or about. I think I prefer that method because it lets me be public, it lets people know what's in a post, and it is an oragnized way for me to find something later when flipping through my archives. I think I'd rather stick to that style than do filters because then the whole thing of filters is, well, constant maintenance. And then what if someone asks to be on a filter and *I* don't want them on it? Drama ensues. I get enough drama from forums and DA and WoW to want to avoid drama here. There are some folk who opted for filters who I would flat-out refuse to stick them on, let alone stick them on the private side of my LJ. Because I trust them as far as I can throw a ship, one of those 46 tonnes of steel and aluminium kinds not the little plastic boats (those I can heft quite a ways).


More real thoughts later, as it's been quite some time since I've done much on my journal. I've got some more writing I'm looking at (which for those who named specific filters to shy away from some things I might still do one for writing and the like I just don't know. :\ Thoughts? Comments? Monkeys?
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One, this is the best news story ever. "Great tits acquire taste for bats." The twelve year old inside of me is laughing non-stop.

Two, this post will be for the ladies so men, I'd rec you skip it to avoid TMI.
Argh, womanly monthly issues )

Other funny things: "Attack of the Help Desk Commandos - they want answers, they want to help you"
We have 4 war rooms. The thought of taking one of them over and launching tactical strikes against offenders who submit help desk tickets with incomplete information is highly tempting.

Filters are getting put together - trying to decide how to handle the people who haven't seen it yet. For those not in the know, please tell me what filters of my journal you'd like to be on.

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