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Dear Dino Host,

I like you. You're cheap and up until the past two months, undeniably reliable. The only problem is that in the last two months, you've gone from being "99% up" to "down so often I've gotten emails from people I never even met before telling me all of my links are broken, could I put things up someplace else in the meantime?" It irks me. Greatly.

If you do not get your act together, I will be calling and sending another incredibly irate email to you. Don't think I won't, you twits, because I am not shelling out money to you every year for unreliable service. *growls*

Without any love, and pissed off,

PS. I'll add something relevant soon, luvs. I need to clear the bunnies away from the keyboard before they type up the Snarry so far. I want to have it finished before I send something off to the Betas. *_*

ETA: Dear Mason's Power Provider,

Please continue to schedule power outages at the best possible times for me. I have an exam the 23rd, to let you know, and would appreciate another day like today.

Much love,
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Normally the weekend is a time of "OH FUCK" and Bad Things.

Today I recieved the Sailor Stars DVD boxed sets that I bought from the shady eBay seller.

Wait, let me rephrase that properly...

Today I recieved shitty-arse computer burned DVD rips from that shady eBay seller. Can't file with PayPal, have begun filing with eBay.

Possibly one good set on it's way - that one should be the item as described. Problem? Two of these were for myself and brother, one was a gift.

Why is it that every time I buy something as a gift, it turns to shit? Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera The Commission escapade.

It happens again.

Oh, and my brother still owes me the $25 for this shitty-as-fuck set anyways. How in the nine circles of hell am I going to make him pay for *this*?
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My university made the local news. As of this moment, we have a *really* good shot in making national - and not, sadly, for a good reason.

Oh no, my university had to send a CAMPUS WIDE email alert yesterday. A friendly, worrisome notice letting every employee and student of the large campus know that their ID server, as well as the other servers on campus, were HACKED. The ID server, which holds everything from our University-specialized ID numbers to addresses, photographs and phone numbers, and let's not forget our SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS was hacked.

More about the server )

Oh, and eBay.  I've been in communications with one seller who I sent payment to more than a week ago.  About a week and a half.  I told them as soon as I mailed payment.  I get an email from them last week that they hadn't recieved it yet but if negative feedback gets left for me and they get it, they'll contact eBay.  So I say that if they still don't have payment by this week, I will fax or bloody scan and email the *receipt* *of* *payment* and we can work from a understanding that I did in fact mail it out.

More about eBay )

See Jate.  See a pissed off Jate.  See a pissed off Jate grab her fucking Pimp Cane and locate the seller.  See seller meet the hidden sword inside of the Pimp Cane.

EDIT: Now they're all lovey-dovey in their replies, and promptly closed the discussion thread off. They had originally claimed I refused to pay (bull-fucking-shit) when they filed with eBay and now that they recieved payment, they're fucking smiley faces. =.= I emitted a long string of explatives that I won't repeat for fear of blistering paint.
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Dear Mason,

Just because you cannot comphrehend the devastation and cruelty of a tsunami, do not EVER think that I cannot. It ROYALLY pissed me off and makes me tempted to to march up to school, grab that assfuck of a president by his ear, and TELL HIM that to his bloody face.

I can understand.
I do know.
I've seen things like it before and it's not something I am likely to ever forget. Now stop throwing natural disasters at me before I can really claim that I have faced every single bloody one!


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