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I should probably be yelling "It's aliiiiiiiiiiive!" at the moment, because I feel it's a special thing. I got home from my weekend (which was a blast, details in a sec) a hair after midnight, managed to semi-stay-awake until something near 1AM, and then collapsed into bed. I woke up about once an hour (alarms people, not my own natural skills) from about 7AM on since I thought I was going to be carpooling with le boss but no call. And I did think it'd have been rather rude to call her so late to ask. :D See, I'm considerate.

Stuff about this past weekend under this cut here )
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I seem to have returned to LJ land with something akin to a vengeance, if the fact that I've got two new fics up and posted equals "Stevenage" in anyone's books. If anyone who hadn't already heard why wondered where I went, I think it's the start of "Jate has shitty health" season - aka, I was sick. Thanks be to doctors and thingies that there are drugs which help recoveries quicken their slacking paces, and even more thanks to coffee! Coffee is good. YAY coffee! *jig for coffee*

I'm really rather proud of one of the two new fics, if and only if for the simple reason that it's the first fanfiction I've done in a LONG time which is not Harry Potter related. In fact, it's a fic for one of my absolutely most loved yaoi pairings, Zoisite and Kunzite from Sailor Moon. Lots of people seemed to have gotten into yaoi through Gundam Wing but me? Sailor Moon (Japanese) all the way, minna. *pose* *looks rather stupid, ne?* Well, in the very least I've gone and put a whole new section on my Fanfic Masterlist since I foresee a far broader range of writings than just Harry Potter coming up, as well as adding the latest stories (Better Presents Come from Friends - Sirius/Remus, G - and After Court - Zoisite/Kunzite, PGish) to the list. I've also gone and shoved them (formatted for it, mind) on FF.net here for the Sirius/Remus one and here for the Zoisite/Kunzite one and am quite happy. Well, at the moment at least I'm quite happy.

Why, pray tell, am I happy? Even though it's sick-season (apparently) I'm happy because I'm having fun. You know, reading books (and spending some of my really nice paycheck to buy more books), writing something I never thought I'd write again (the last time I wrote a Sailor Moon fanfic, it was before 2000), and absolutely loving art class. Admittedly I'm not nearly at home as much as I'd like to be (of course a lot of that is discovering like-minded friends who call up at odd hours going "Want to go see Mirror Mask Sunday?" and then offering me crash space to boot) but I'm working out a semi-decent rhythm to new life. If I could just get back to more time for drawing, I'd be all set.

Edit: Man, I'm all about the self-spamming, aren't I? *spam spam spammity spam spam!* And oh yes, tonight I'm going to be gone (I'm helping those quilting ladies I mentioned a long while back at another show this weekend and really am toddling off this afternoon to help them out) but I'll be back tomorrow evening. Wish me back-breaking labor luck.
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Back from faire, YAY.  Exhausted.

Had a great time.  I love [livejournal.com profile] gryphynkit and [livejournal.com profile] daphodil2 (and also her extension, Nic(k?)) and Tiff and Mark and other people who I need to find their LJs and hunt down with smelly gooey stuff especially after that comment from Nic(k?) about "Do you want goo with that?" which deserves quote-ness herbs and rub them all over their bodies, naked or not along the road for smelly-goodness.

Will post about it later, when my brain's not in a "ARRRRGH" kind of mood and my general reaction to seeing something is to go "Is it period?" with this look on my face of "but, those kind of stripes aren't right for that century" when looking at Hallowe'en costumes.  ...unless I'm like that all the time and I just don't know. 

I have candy.  I'm going to be going to sleep though (don't thwap me, please!) and will be sentient tomorrow.  I think.

(I got a lifting-and-tucking bodice! *squee* *will post a picture later*)
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First-off: ARGH! Talk like a pirate, mate!

RENT is love. <3 The movie doesn't look like it's going to make me cry tears of sadness but instead, tears of joy. I need to make a new playlist of the RENT movie when I get home and burn it on a CD and listen to it and pray that time moves quickly because I want the movie NOW.

I've spent my weekend doing homework (read: essays) and tutoring two women in Dreamweaver.

New art under the cut )

I'm working on trying to do things for myself - I've been redoing my website again, since I really need to get that done but I think I've managed four pages checked and edited on my HD and no uploading to the server yet. *groans* Even worse is the fact that while I dealt with my two ladies and their Dreamweaver problems, there's no guarantee that was the last I've seen of them.

I have been keeping up with my homework, miracle of miracles, but it's left me little-to-no time to do more than ink or sketch during class. Instead of being able to churn out art like there was no tomorrow, I'm mostly finishing (or trying to!) off older pieces or inking things I'd already sketched but never had the time to ink before. Let's not even get into time to colour, since it's non-existent.
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Life seems to be a tad bit annoying (read: busy as shit) and I'm once again getting the chance to sit in front of a computer only when I should be doing something else. At the moment I should be paying attention to my professor going over the paper for her that's due next Saturday except it's rather dull, I know it already, and I dun wanna. *whine*

Over at DA, I've topped The Great 19,000 Pageviews. I did it a while ago, actually, but I kinda have been living the life of a Real Person (read: working responsibly and doing homework) and haven't had time to mention it. I mean, you could just see the big number yourself and know it's there... *blinks*

More coffee, ne? Progress on acquiring books has been wonderful - a.k.a. I won a copy of Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls from eBay so I will own it! And I picked up a copy of In the Hands of the Goddess so now I have the entire Lioness Quartet in my possession with recs to get my grubby little hands on the Trickster trio (for the moment) as well as the Circle books. *grins* I love book recs! I'll also be on the look-out for Alberich's books and even possibly Skif's and then...uh...Lavan's it looks like. *amused* I'm in a neck-and-neck between buying books and buying DVDs that I want - I picked up the reduced-price QaF Season 1 (YAYFUCKYEAH!) and can't wait until October now because they're releasing Season 2 in a reduced-price collection on the 18th then. *does a jig*

Details about work and the like under here )

Anyone have something to cheer me up with?
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*dances* They got found!

New art and a bit about SA and DA )

Now for some semblance of an entry )

I'm going to be rarely alive, just as an FYI to anyone who wonders. This infrequent appearance pattern? The rest of the Fall semester, most likely.
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While I am certain my paycheck is going to look absolutely large and fat come next week, I'm going to die. Die, die, die, die, die. I've got two sick bosses in one lab (Meredith's fever broke at 4AM last night/this morning, yay! Marlys is just ill slightly but she's in today so that's lovely) and sneezing coworkers in another and the week is just getting started. I myself am sneezing through my allergy meds and I felt like shite dragged through hell when I woke up the first time this morning.

This bodes not-well for my health. Meredith jokingly said she wasn't even going to breathe on me if she could help it (she coughed and sneezed on me last year once and then it was the start of Jate-staying-sick-all-Fall-term-long if you remember it) but we're carpooling to cut down gas costs and she can't hold her breath the entire drive. Until she stops hacking half a lung up in the morning, if ANYONE sees me on after 2AM in the morning, shove me off - the only thing that recovered some form of stable health when I got sick recently was actually sleeping. And since I always find something interesting to read/draw/write/surf to I tend to...well, to nicely put it, I take crappy care of myself unless prodded.

I know I'm behind in getting the afore-promised image done for you Ali and it'd be excuses if I said anything other than I'll email you a confirmed link tonight.

Classes, things I'm trying to work on, a possible second major, a fun weekend with new plans for future weekends, and work )

Not too much else to add, in the least, and I must also toddle to go get paid for teaching people things so I'll try to actually be AROUND again once I get a hang on how this term's going to play out. And maybe drop a shift. *groans* No idea. And yes, I changed my Mood Theme back to the FMA one - I'm trying to make my own from my own art and the HP one was driving me batty.

Edit: I'm afraid for the world. I have the lights off before my next class that I teach and two out of the three kiddies signed up for it have knocked on the windows, asking why the class that starts at 4:30PM hasn't either started yet, started earlier and finished, or if it was cancelled. Since it doesn't start until 4:30...? It's my perrogative, as the instructor, to keep the sodding lights off and have some crash time, you little fucks. *growls*

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Well, the last (hopefully last, mind) details have been worked out of my Fall 2005 Schedule (the one that includes work) and I went back and updated the post. Buzz renewed love for me by giving me more hours (yay, money!) so I'm up to 4 shifts for Buzz (though until a hole gets filled, it looks like I actually have 5 shifts for him) and 4 shifts for Marlys.

And then I have classes and...and... *sobs* I have no life. Except I kinda actually do! I'm heading out this afternoon to a party thing with Kristen and I should stumble home sometime Sunday. Look - social life thing! And I had even more of a pretend social life yesterday by going out to dinner (re: sushi) with Meredith in celebration of the first week of hell classes being over.

Schpiel about classes and professors )

I also added He Owns Me, He Claims Me, But Wants Another (Sirius/Regulus, NC-17 *coughs* though I have it on FF.net as "Mature") to my FanFiction.net account, in keeping with my tradition of putting up stories that are thiiiiiiiis close to not being "legal" there. The story is also on my Skyehawke account and with luck, I'll be done with my web-based portal for my stories soon and get my written works on my personal domain as well.

Edit: Try saying Tripuraneni's name three times fast!

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There's something to be said about waking up to your dog puking over the edge of your bed, isn't there? Here I am, all set to sleep in nicely and help speed along my recovery from the dreaded Con Sickness when I get this nagging feeling to wake up and find my dog, cute little Dorian, finishing up as she hacks off over the end of my bed, right onto Snape Coat and Slytherin Sweater. In the span of five minutes, I'm awake, stripping my bed, depositing the dog on the floor, picking up Snape Coat and Slytherin Sweater, and marching all and sundry down to the wash. They'll be clean and sweet-smelling soon, mind, but I think I was having a good dream before she woke me up.

Now? Now I'm sitting at my computer, considering making a pot of tea because now I'm feeling nauseous and was having a hard time getting to sleep all last night because my hearing kept doing an odd thing (I can't figure out a way to describe it, it was that odd) so waking up really didn't help. Mum and I both mistakenly thought I was teaching today so we'd set our alarms for early so she could drop me off and take my car but at about 2AM I realised: I don't teach the first week of classes. So I woke up at 8AM to tell Mum so we could get back to sleep.

Damn dog...
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Alive and...well, I can't say "kicking" because I'm pumped up on antibiotics and decongestants and anti-coughing thingies. So let's settle for "alive and hacking with a side of health" and leave it at that, ne? Well, welcome welcome to the few people who tracked me down at Otakon and after! :D Especially a new on (Myka) who I have an ENTIRE year to torment with new Puppies and perhaps even "forget" prints of them next year.

*grins evilly* *coughs* *retilts halo* There we go...

Otakon report is still a ways away simply because I am...well, actually, I'm trying to work and then take it easy. While some would consider sitting at a computer "taking it easy" I can never manage to do less than thirteen-zillion tasks when I want to use the computer. I've got tomorrow off, which is going to be the equivalent of "Jate gets to sleep in and then draws ALL DAY happily while humming" or at least something similar.

<< HEEEEEEEEEE, art! I drew stuff at Otakon, took pics of cosplayers, and will really, truly make a con report soon.


For me, fall term starts on Monday. I'll post my schedule soon, promise. At least before Monday. :D Sounds well?
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A bit about my day that doesn't overly involve Otakon and instead includes a verbal fight I was privy to at Starbucks, information about some new jewlery I have, and some stuff about other stuff I can't prethink of )

It looks like my journal's turning into one giant, updated-every-day advertisement for my wares at Otakon. *snickers* So am I multi-location whoring myself out? Or merely using another less-used-by-me route for...er...new clientèle? *had to keep the whore theme going with continued language?*

Oh yeah! If you're a member of DA and you haven't already, go to my journal and the subsection of Polls and take part in the random one. Here's a quick link for those who might not want to dig or care for it. And no, I won't tell anyone why I'm doing such an odd, random, crazy poll. Not a soul. *pause* ...Jemz? Give me bunnies? *pulls out all the stoppers and makes absolutely adorably cute eyes*

If there's one thing I've been learning, it's that I need to get up earlier. x.x Not kidding - I'm only managing about two pieces of art coloured a day and only two inked, which is *not* enough. I need to get up to four images a day before the con, and try and keep that pace. As well as get my business cards printed off and *collapses* I can renege on my promise to sleep for a few days, ne? Ne?

Links to new art under the cut )
*toddles off to rectify the hunger*

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First off, happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] gryphynkit and [livejournal.com profile] ginny_weasley! May you get...er...lots of...chocolate? And cake! Cake's good, so have cake! :D I'm all about the...er...meaningful things to be said on people's birthdays. *pause* ...yeah... '>>

See, I'm supposed to be sleeping. I was, earlier, but then I kinda woke up. I blame my dog (she's really cute, but she's snoring really loudly and since she sleeps right next to my pillow, it's hard to sleep through a dog-that's-snoring-loudly in this case) and her cuteness, as well as the Otakon Fever which must be searing my brain incredibly early. That and PGSM which has just *eaten* whatever sanity I had, spit it back out so that it likes shiny things and cheap henshin sequences coupled with bad acting and...er...other stuff.

I've got two Inu-Yasha chibis sketched, two Naruto chibis sketched, two senshi sketched as well as a PGSM chibi inked, some borderline-ecchi art I just need to decide who to make having a really short and being blown-up by the wind skirt (suggestions - FEMALE CHARACTERS I mean since she's got boobs dears! - welcome) as well as an Usagi-in-a-bikini-and-on-the-beach sketched and mostly I need to sit down, buckle down, and ink ink ink. Once I ink,it's so much easier to colour, you know?

Aside from the art side, I'm actually reviewing the terms Otakon listed for Writer's Alley. Sure, sure, I'm not *in* Writer's Alley but when has that actually stopped me? I might wind up taking some copies of fics to Otakon and in the very least, I'm plotting to spend not nearly as much time at-con drawing as I did last year (I would like to be able to bend my ring finger and my pinky finger *without* having to beg a three hour massage from the table next to me) and instead *gasp* smutting. I mean writing. *coughs* Yeaaaah. << >> << >> INNOCENT I AM! *flee*

Before I shimmy off for the night, since I'm starting to actually (finally!) get tired and know that if I don't head to bed soon I'll be smacked up one side and down the other by a lot of unnamed parties, the consensus heard from my not-mainly-here-for-Harry-Potter crowd is that glimpses of other fandoms are welcome here. :P I might actually take you all up at your word. A last note! My account on FF.net got deleted from inactivity. *meeps* So I'm actually really happy because most of that was really old crap and I've redone my account and am putting up only my most recent art. :D YAY! The last traces of my art pre-2003 is GONE from the net! YAY! *dances like a maniac!*

*flees for real now*
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[livejournal.com profile] swtjemz darling, you owe me *another* smutty bunny. :3 So that makes five now! *dances* Yay!

Otakon prep is *groans* urgh, always tedious. I'm drawing things I don't give a damn for simply because I know it's going to sell. Lots of Inu-yasha, Naruto, and Bleach just got added to the list after a suggestion by Carla. I've got to ink that lot up but UUUURRRRGGGGHHHHH ew, I'm prejudiced! *sniffles!* I dun wanna use good stuff on things I don't like, but I have to! GAH! *sobs!*

I've spent the past weekend rediscovering the joys of reading beloved and favourite fantasy books, as well as getting ready to add sci-fi in there. I love having enjoyable readings, and the only problem has been that once-again I've discovered that a really good book is something I'll gladly give up sleep to finish. I think I made up for the less-than-three-hours I got the night before last by heading to bed before *midnight* last night and sleeping until 10AM. I'm at the point of being pleasantly rested but more than willing to curl up in bed for another five or six hours, but I have things to do today (*snorts*) so can't be sleeping.

...the world must be coming to an end - I want to sleep. An end I say, an end. Now, out of curiosity...since quite a few people know me for my Harry Potter related things, would you lot care to see this journal sport the children of my other fandoms, or not? I'm talking things related to anything from Fullmetal Alchemist to Heralds of Valdemar and anything (and everything) in between.
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o0 Wow, you take a break from the net and find yourself stuck in a whole lot of stuff you never knew about. If anyone wants to offer to kindly catch me up on life, the universe, and everything else that I've missed, I'd appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows what the *hell* happened on DA, I'd -really- love to know what the fuck went down there. I sign on and find out that Jark and a few other admins have resigned from the site they founded and (obviously) they can't go out and give us details because of legal reasons but what the HELL?!

*sobs* I miss Sirius! (Before anyone goes "HUH?!" to me, I named my laptop Sirius. << The scanner's Pince, and all related computer stuff is named after Harry Potter characters and my car's named for Bellatrix and yes, I know I'm nuts) On the other hand, I'm working my little tail off to get ready for Otakon so I'm making prints, a lot of new artwork, making even more new artwork, and then again even MORE new artwork. Anyone have any suggestions on pricing for prints at Otakon and how many I should do of each? And this time, I'm not leaving my hentai artwork at home. ;) I did last time and it cost me.

...yep, I'm still the master of rambling. :D I'll try to check back more often than I have the past week, ganbatte ne, minna! (Yes, I'm returning to my anime-centric roots in prep for Otakon, or at least more heavily living in them)
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First thing's first! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] shukiai!!!!! *snuggles, sends Roy and Ed in bows and grins* :D Have a good day, luv.

Had my Java final today (earlier in the day) and have promptly lost all vestiges of sanity. Why, you ask? I can't explain, so instead I'll just give a short summary of the things I've come up with today.

A list of the insane ideas I've come up with since my final ended )

I got my new Copics in (yay!) so I think after falling asleep I might take a crack at them. They're so preeeeeeeetty...!

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Took me until last night to realize that I hadn't gone around explaining why I forgot to update last night. Wait - it took me until almost 3AM this morning (hence, the 27th already) to realize that I'd forgotten to update with something marginally witty. I'd attempt to rectify this with a post even more exceptionally witty than the last but we all know that'd fall flat on its face and break its nose. (Can wit do that...?)

My Java Programming final is tomorrow. The last part of my final project for Java is due tonight. In light of this, and a deep-sated desire to pass this fucking class because I HAVE been working my fat little arse off for it, I will not be around until approximately 4PM EST tomorrow afternoon. I'll be writing out code tonight and then writing out and assembling the most massive-but-completely-allowed-by-the-class-rules but I-will-eternally-thank-Merlin-I-can-read-size-4-font cheat sheet to have tomorrow during the exam. After the exam I think I'll be driving home and then collapsing for a little bit of much-needed sleep.

Before the members of the "Jate Needs Sleep" organization get up in arms, let me remind them that I am making the requisite 5.5 hours or almost making it, at least I'm trying and will soon happily collapse into bed for more than likely more than six hours at a regular basis, at least until Otakon.

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I seem to be dying from a lack of sleep. Even if that makes no sense since I got a pretty good amount of sleep over most of the weekend, just got short-shifted last night. And that wasn't MY fault! Thunderstorms + dog who hates them + said dog sleeping next to your ear = not good sleep. And she's too cute to kick off the bed, so she...mostly...barked in my ear. >< Meeeeeeh. But I'm getting really tired so I might (surprising you ALL) call it an early night and get to sleep before midnight. Or at least before 1AM. Something like that, at least...

Spent the day buying some food (cheese-its, crackers, pringles) because with Mum out of the house, I can actually have some snacks again. And with Dad not around until the evening, I had time to grab them. I also picked up my favourite gummies (I love them so!!!) from Japan in pineapple and grape, although not as much grape as I wanted. *sniffles* I picked up a little bit more stationary from the Asian mart, too (so cute...yes, I own CUTE things. Cue world end...?) so I've got...er...lots. >> To use. Riiiiiiiight. *shifty*

I talk about Java, Otakon, Hogwarts Live, and sunglasses here )

Links to New Artwork!
° Chibi Schoolboy Remus and Sirius - G, coloured. Adorable anime-styled Remus and Sirius as Gryffindor students chibified.
° Snuggled in my arms - PG-13/R, coloured. Remus snuggled and held protectively in Sirius' arms. Their Naughty Bits are hidden by a blue blanket, but there's naked chests.
° My Bout, My prize - NC-17, coloured. Lucius/Severus inspired by [livejournal.com profile] underlucius's Riposte drabble. <3
° Are you ready yet, Severus...? - G, coloured. The re-draw of my Lucius!fencer image, and in colour! I rather love it. <3 Luuuuucius.

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It's some sort of soul-sucking LAKE. Or ocean (whose real name is "Ocean of Living in Hell" is something equally bad) maybe. Whatever it is I HATE it - with a passion. I might love my close family (ie Mother, Father, and dog) but anything outside of those three tries my patience in such short time. Thankfully my grandparents and aunt are gone, currentl on-route to New York, then Paris, then...Estonia? No idea. They dragged my mum off to tour Russia and places therein, myself barely managing to escape getting suckered into the trip. I've only got to avoid their possible plots for next summer now, since they seem determined to drive me insane and "take me on a cruise" with them.

While yes, normally, that'd be a great experience...with my grandparents, there are a few problems. Problem one is they are raving loons. Nice, lovely, adorable, sweet ones but raving loons all the same. They've got no concept of "knock before entering a room that isn't your own," "knock before opening a door which is closed," or "reading the computer screen over my shoulder is rude" at all. In the span of five minutes of my grandmother standing in my room she'd commented on how incredibly messy it was and how it was a miracle I could find anything in it, how my computer background was horribly offensive and ill-mannered (and jeesh, it wasn't even my porny YAOI one) and I should change it immediately, how my room looked like a college dorm with useless junk strewn all over it (for reference, she was staring at my anime and artwork when she said that) and how it was obvious I didn't mind the old decor because with all the drawings on the wall, you couldn't see it. There are times - MANY times - when I think really bad things about what I'd love to have happen. --'

I rant about Copics (markers) and my grandparents some more )

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Allo, luvs,

I've got company coming in (in the form of conservative Christian grandparents and and aunt) this weekend so I'll likely be non-existent in terms of messengers and the like. If you need me, shoot me off an email. Also, Java programming final is this coming week to much time will be devoted to studying for that, among other things. Wish me luck?


P.S. - I got 7.5 hours of sleep last night. Pony up, Jemz!
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Awareness is something everyone needs to have - it's not something to dismiss. Around the world, how many people die for the same reasons who we don't hear about? And now, moving right along...

I'm proud to announce that [livejournal.com profile] miints is the newest person to join the ranks of those living on my server! Since my account, one of the ones affected by the hack, was upgraded to unlimited storage space, I've been itching to find another person who needed chunks of MB and bandwidth to boot - so welcome, welcome! That makes the grand total of people living on my server (besides myself) to be [livejournal.com profile] thescarletwoman, [livejournal.com profile] siriusjazz, [livejournal.com profile] celticmoonstar, and [livejournal.com profile] cravache in a little bit.

I'm probably going to be drawn and quartered by a few people when they glance at the time of this post...so let me go ahead and confess. Lia, luv, I laid in bed and tried to sleep. And then I couldn't sleep so I got up, sat at the computer, and started colouring and drawing and inking. I'm heading to bed now and will still be able to get a lot of sleep and make my 7 hours I promised, but er... *flees*

Updates to other writing archives, nothing that hasn't already been seen here )

Links to Brand-New Art! )

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